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April 1, 2011

~ My Diner Things~

Did you ever have a collection of things and didn't know it...Well the other day while Landen was taking a nap I was dusting my kitchen and noticed I had alot of Vintage things from the olden Diners...Now I did not start out to collect things from Diners it just seemed to happen lol!! Doesn't that happen to all of us?? some of my cream pitchers and sugar shaker

My Hamilton Beach milk shake maker..I was just talking to my bestie friend Vanna aka *winks* at" delusions of grandeur" on the phone last week and each week we always seem to talk about our passion about Antiques and the hunt for antiques, buying antiques, decorating with antiques, Where in the H are we going to put another antique, well you get the message...We got to talking about the milk shaker maker * winks* also has one..but then what doesn't she have ha ha!! I still use mine it makes the best milk shake in the world..I tell you the spoon just stand up in it...
I think I love all these Diners things because they were around as I was growning up...Do any of you remember being able to play music at your table..5 songs for a quarter

This is my latest vintage diner item..an napkin menu holder and for only a penny it would give you a Yes or No answer to any question you asked it..Can you say fun!!

I love this sign and old holder

And what Diner would not have a 1015 Wurlitzer 1947 jukebox  in it....This is by far my favorite thing in my whole house I have and many others that have come here had many "Happy To Be" hours dancing and singing to this machine..If you would like to hear it play click here...

I sit it up on my hardware cabinet turned Candy Cabinet..And yes after almost a year of owning this piece I still have it full of candy lol!!

This is Sun out my kitchen window..it's something my mountain has not seen in over 5 months...I think fingers crossed plus eyes that spring has finally come ha ha!! Snow even melted off this week and all my Daffs started to bloom..
I'm joining Courtney at " French Country Cottage"
Laurie at " Bargain Hunting and Chatting" Thanks girls..
My daughter Dawna is coming for the weekend..she's been trying to come for over 2 months..but with all the snow she has not been able to make it..She's Landen Grandma and can't wait to see that little guy..I told my granddaughter last night that her and I could just take off because she's really only coming to see the baby and not us ha ha!! That brat called me at 6am to see if I was baking her a cake!! Told her sure I was and the smell from the oven was overwhelming ha ha!!
I hope all of you have a GREAT weekend..
Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles Gloria


Divine Theatre said...

The candy cabinet would be empty if it were in my home! LOL! What a neat-o collection you have! I collect cat hair. Does that count? I am having yarn made of my kittie's fur so I can knit some scarves! No joke!
Please come visit my post on my most recent shelter pet in need and enter my GIVEAWAY!


Richard Cottrell said...

The candy cabinet
could I rent it as a condo, and eat my way to destruction. Great stuff as usual. Richard at My Old Historic House

Anonymous said...

Oooooo... I so love all your retro things!!
When I was a teenager my mother's cousin owed the local Malt Shop. I vividly remember the 5 tunes for 25cents. Know what the trouble with haveing a relative own the Malt Shop???? I had to be extra good or they would report to my Mom!! UGH!!
Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gloria! Look at all your most wonderful things! Love your candy counter and the juke boxes. Yes! I remember poking in the quarters and picking out my favorite songs! Glad a little sunshine is peeping through your window and your daughter gets to come and see little Landon James! He's sure an adorable little boy, Gloria!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Gloria, I love all your counter treasures. I remember as a young girl sitting at a counter having a milkshake asking mother for money to put into the counter jukebox. My love for music lives on, now I'm not so fond of milkshakes, maybe it's because I can't get the good 'ole fashion kind. You girls have fun this w/k together. Me, I'm working in the yard and painting.... hugs ~lynne~

lvroftiques said...

Oh Gloria I am soaking up all the fabulousness in this post!! It's a little overwhelming because I have such a love for that kithchen of yours. You know it brings back so many memories of all of us chatties gathering in your kitchen each day for coffee...remember I was always wanting the vanilla creamer *winks* Well I still DO!LOL! BUT now I also want a milkshake!
I actually don't know if my machine works or not...I've never even plugged it in! But as you know my hubbs is Mr fix it *winks* He's currently adding 7' of cord to something sparkley warkley.....*winks*
And girl that Wurlitzer is truly TDF!! An ultimate collectors piece for me! I have two juke boxes sitting out in the garage, a 1972 Wurlitzer and a 69 seeburg. Neither works as well as they should. What were we thinkin? I have NO idea! Course you can see I keep making that mistake over and over again lol! And I just chuckled when I read your comment! I will be HARPING on my hubby to put shelves up in that harp case! Haha!
Anyhoo girlfriend I can't wait to actually sit in that kitchen of yours and I'll be wanting you to bake me a cake too!LOL! Boxed Betty C is fine with me!(Partial to chocolate) Love you girl! Vanna

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh Miss G...What I wouldn't give to have that PAY WHEN SERVED sign! HAHHAHAH What a crack up! Sure would solve a lot of problemos...huh?

I also love your candy cabinet...totally awesome!

Love to you~


Madeline's Album said...

This post brought back many memories for me, the jukebox, the 5 for 25 cents song player at your booth. I love seeing all your great collections. Great post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

xinex said...

I don't know why, Gloria but I just love vintage items. Iguess I am becoming a vintage myself, lol. I love yours. And speaking of vintage, I hope you get to come visit my blog to see my mom. She is smiling for you. She won't stay long cause I have a post coming up soon but you can always scroll down....Christine

Lynn said...

Lovin' that olden-golden register Gloria! So glad your snow is melting and the sun is shining-enjoy:@)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yes! I remember many of those things. 25 cts. got you 6 tunes! Setting in a booth with your friends, an order of fries and bottle of ketchup setting on the table (who know how long).
Have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

Fun collections, Gloria.
Have a great weekend! ~ Sarah

Gypsy Heart said...

Oh my stars! I LOVE, LOVE all these diner things girl. They remind me of the 'good ol days'.
:-) Seriously, the music was such a fun thing to try and choose the "perfect" songs for the money we had.

Thanks for the memories!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Oh, I REALLY love this kind of stuff! I don't own any of it, but I just love diner stuff! I actually even love those crazy laminate tables with the big wide metal trim that curves around them too. Again, do not own any of this stuff but I love it! My most favorite the jukebox. I don't remember the ones on the tables, (before my age?) but do remember a few places that had some larger ones when I was growing up and they were old then but Oh, so cool! It was always such a kick watching people drop money in the box and then thinking, "I can't believe they chose that song!"" haha! Of course, i was a teen, and that's the way we thought! haaha! I loved this post! I wish there was more places around with this kind of decor and setting great memories for generations to come, don't you?

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You even have a candy cabinet? Oh it's fabulous my dear!
Love your collections, you have the best, it's like being in a fifties diner!
And now you have daffodils to boot? Gloria, I am officially jealous!
Love ya,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

You know I love all of the treasures you have!! The juke box is fantastic and I can just imagine you dancing around while listening to it!!

Have a wonderful visit with your daughter!!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Gloria, I love all of your wonderful antiques, every one of them are so special and yes I remember them all. Your last post of Landen is just so precious. Isn't it wonderful to be able to spend time with this special little one. I am thrilled you get to. Have a special week. Hugs, Marty

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Good Morning Miss Gloria! I just love your treasures!!! That candy cabinet is fantastic and the Wurlitzer such a fantastic treasure!! I would love to come on by and visit your diner! Everything is so charming! Thanks for sharing at my party~ enjoy your weekend with your family and the glorious sunshine!! Yay!!!! :)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Gloria, You have such great collections. Love the jukebox and the cash register. That candy cabinet would have been empty the first month at my house. Take care.

Debbiedoos said...

Enjoy your weekend with your daughter. Cool diner decor. You really have a nice collection Gloria. My boys would love the candy cabinet, that is my fav!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Gloria, you were way ahead of your time with this collection. All of that diner stuff has become soooo popular and so expensive. I love all of it. Of course, that juke box has always made my heart beat faster. It is such a beauty. I'm really loving that napkin holder! I have never seen one that gave an answer to a question ~ how fun! Oh how I loved turning through the selections on those little table music "menu", and then waiting for my selection to start playing on the juke box. You have the best stuff, but if I ever come visit you, you won't have any candy in your tool box turned candy holder (what a clever idea). Thanks so much for linking up. laurie

Picket said...

Morning sis...love...love...love all you diner eyecandy...makes me want to order a cheeseburger & shake! I miss the old diners and the easy way of life back then...always loving getting a peek at your gorgeous kitchen and so glad you are getting some sunshine...it is a stormy day down here....thunder is rolling and they call for heavy winds and rains this afternoon...hope you have a great week sweetie...love ya...Picket

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Gloria, you have such a great collection of antiques and all your pretty diners things. I do remember the machines at the table. Does that make me old. Yep, I guess so.

Julie Harward said...

I cannot believe all the neat things you have! I do remember every one of them too! Have a wonderful visit..and enjoy that cake too. (The stove is an Elmira and I know what you mean about the oven!) ;D

Anonymous said...

I love this Gloria! Not only are your diner things wonderful...they bring back happy memories!

On Crooked Creek said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and visit On Crooked Creek today. Glad you're visiting the diner on your blog. My parents were both "blue collar workers" and as a child, I have fond memories of eating at the diners in the KC area! Stop by again soon, dear!

Carole Burant said...

Omigosh, you even have a jukebox...now why doesn't that surprise me! lol I just love those!! All of your diner collection is so delightful. There's a restaurant called Galaxy where Steve lives that I love going to, it's made just like a diner in the 50's and even has those little jukeboxes on each table. I'm telling you, I should have been a teenager in the 50's (I was born in '57) because I love that era so much!! xoxo

Picket said...

Hey sis...just read over at Chari's that you were sick...you know how that makes my heart sink when I hear that you aren't feeling well...we are so far apart and I feel so helpless...but I know a God that knows no distance and I believe in the power of prayer as I know you do also..I love you my precious friend...more than I could ever say...I pray that God touch you and breath on every cell and fiber of your being...minute by minute...hour by hour let healing arise in your body according to His word...take care sis....someone in Alabama will always love and cherish you....Picket

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Sweet Sis...

Girl, you have the bestest things!!! You totally ROCK!!! Hehe! Not sure where that came from...guess I was thinking about sitting at the cafe and putting quarters into that table top jukebox! Yep...I do remember them! Of course, they all had 60's and 70's music in them. Every now and then you would run into a country jukebox with all of Johnny Cash's song! Ahhh...heaven!!! What memories this brings back to me! Give me an ol' jukebox over an IPOD anyday! Girl, Russell just throws a fit whenever he sees your Wurlitzer! He would love to have one! We always wanted to make an old 50's diner down in the basement...would be fun wouldn't it? Well...I just love all of your old Diner collection! It's just fun! You know, I was thinking about your gorgeous antique cash register that you were showing in this post. I do believe that it the skinniest cash register that I've ever seen! Is it one of the real old ones? It's so narrow...with not many keys on it! Ohhh Sis...you know that I just adore your last little treasure find...you candy cabinet! Hmmm...if I were there...you would have to keep filling it! Hehe! I do love my sweets and my backend tells it! Hehe!

Well sweet friend, so happy to hear that Dawna is finally going to make it this weekend! Ya'll have a great time!!! My Jenni and grands will be here this weekend as well. I'm sooo excited, I'm beside myself! Hehe! I have been busy getting everything done up. Well you know how it goes...I do a little work...sit and rest...eat...and rest...do a little work...and rest..and eat! I think you get the drift! It takes me forever to get things done but I'll get-R-done!!! Hehe! I didn't think that I would have time to get out a post but did. I'm going to take a little blogging break while Jen is here. I may pop in from time to time but I'm going to enjoy my kiddos!!! Anyway, just wanted to pop over to say hi and tell ya I love ya!!! I'm counting down the days, Sis! Soon we'll be hugging in real time! Hehe!

Love ya sooo much!

Unknown said...

Hi There...so glad I popped into you cool blog! I love all your diner stuff. Over the years I've honed my collecting skills and my collections are turning more cottage-y and vintage. I love coca-cola signs but only the older ones and those are pretty pricey. I also like old childhood books. If I had the candy cabinet....it would be EMPTY! i HAVE no will power. I've added myself as a follower and hope you come by and visit me soon. Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston,TX

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH MY, Gloria! You are up to four generations now. That's great! We hit five once. Grandma, Mom, me, my daughter Sandy, and her daughter Kristy! Now we have lost Grandma and my mom. I am not top of the heap. Me, Sandy, Kristy and Katy. Katy is only 7 so I doubt there will be five generations again. Isn't it great to have your own daughters be Grandma's?
Love and hugs and ejoy!


Gloria said...

More lovely items! My mother liked to collect (i.e., steal, in her case, LOL!) little things from her travels... Little pitchers and such, and she LOVED to collect ashtrays! This was in the 60's/70's, so every place had ashtrays, as you were allowed to smoke freely at that time! Anyway, great to see all of your things, and even greater to hear you have been having Landen as a guest! I'm sure you have been having many happy days with him.