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January 23, 2012

~Showing off my Bust for Marty~

Hello my Dear friends...I'm so excited to be able to join in today with Marty's 100 Table top Party..Marty has to be one of the sweetest gals in all of blog land..I have known her since before she even started blogging at that time she would come by every day and leave me a comment just to say Hi!! she was Marty39 then..Then she started her blog " A stroll thru Life" Please take the time to go by and tell her congrats and thank her for all the hard work she puts in each week for us to show off our table tops..

This is one of my favorite antique I have in my entry way..It's a Baptismal font from Italy that I found about 3 years ago in an antique shop..It was love at first sight for me

I added a round glass top to it so I could use it as a table/ pedestal stand with it..I also think it says "Bless all who enter here" ha ha!! This is my largest bust in my collection and I added a feather halo to her head..get it!! Holy Moly and halo ha ha!!

The details on this fonts are just beautiful..It's so heavy because it's cement

This bust sits on a wooden pedestal next to my Living room fireplace and of course I had to add a garland to her head

This is another bust I have in my living room also on a pedestal and I added the birds nest and a crown on her head even put a skeleton key on her finger..if there a bust in this house I'm going to bling it out ha ha!! 
Congrats my Dear Marty and I lift my coffee  cup to you for another 100 posts..
I 'm also joining Ivy and Elephants for "what is it Wednesday..Please go pay these ladies a visit their blog is wonderful..
May all of you have a Healthy and Blessed week..
Until next time from my mountain to yours
Hugs and smiles Gloria

January 14, 2012

~Sneak Peek~

Hello guys, Thought I would give you a peek at my Outhouse bathroom that we have been working on for ever...


Remember I told you this was just a small bath right off my olden kitchen...Sorry about the poor lighting but no windrow and bad camera make for bad photos ha ha!!

See me in the mirror with my pj's on ha ha!! seems to be my outfit of choice since I'm still in recovery since my heart surgery..

I'm loving the new vessel sink here..the sink use to be right next to the toilet but since we had to tear out all the wall and ceiling in here due to termites..we moved the plumbing to put the sink on the other wall

Shower is now done..But still have not used it..we did it in marble tiles and moved it also to another wall
 Now the mirror is an old vanity mirror I had from my home 40 years ago..I just acid etched it to give it a differ look and hung it long ways

I don't know if Len will ever get this room done..I told him all I wanted for Christmas was this bathroom done but didn't  mention to tell him what Christmas ha ha!! We still have crown molding, baseboards and the chandy's to go up...Len keeps telling me he's retire..and you know what I figured out retirement is only for men..As I still clean house, cook, clean and scrub toilets and I also am suppose to be retired...still trying to figure out what I retired from ha ha!!
Love all you guys..THANK YOU all so much for sticking with me this past few months..And for those that have left my follower list..Too bad for you as I talked to Angelina Jolie and she was going to let me do a Brad Pitt give away lol!! 

Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles Gloria

side note:
Why do female black widow spiders kill the males after mating?
  To stop the snoring before it starts.