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May 28, 2010

~A Moment of Silence~

My Daddy...1924-2005

It is the

not the preacher,

who has given us freedom of religion.

It is


not the reporter,

who has given us freedom of the press.

It is


not the poet,

who has given us freedom of speech.

It is


not the campus organizer,

who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is


not the lawyer,

who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is

not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

May all of you have a GREAT Memorial Weekend
Until next time from my mountain to yours
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May 25, 2010

~ Bench Time~

WARNING: This post is not for the weak of heart...Please do not send out the clutter cops after me.I wanted to show you my window bench in my Dining room...Now remember I had this room added on in 1996 and I knew I wanted to have a place to sit drink my morning coffee and be able to look outside and see the deer each day...Now everyone knows my love of all things Victorian...and Victorian would not be complete without Fretwork...
I found this piece in 1994 when Wally and I took our plane out Antique hunting one weekend in NebraskaI just loved it because of the heart shape of it...Now mind you at that time our plane was already packed to the mack...But I threaten not to cook for a week batted my sweet brown eyes at Wally and he let me have it ha ha!! Anyway I had no place to put it..But just knew one day I would have my window bench and put it above it...
These are a few of my Victorian prints hanging also above my bench...These are from ca.1880 still in the original frames...This is a Gasoliers ca. 1900 that we got one weekend in Oregon...the shades we got in California...there called feather quillMy Rocker High chair sits by my bench...And of course I had the bench made for storage...
My Victorian table and gone with the wind lamp and a silver tea set... on each side of the alcove I had these built cabinet's put right between the studs so I could put my mustache cups collections..Well guys I hope I didn't bore you to death again with my love of Antiques...Like I have said I know my kind of thing is not for everyone...But there is just something about antiques that call my name..Love them
Until next time from my mountain to yours
Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

May 24, 2010

Hey Good Looking, What's Cooking ?

Hey Guys, you want to see my all time favorite stove...I love this stove the best of the the 2 in my kitchen and you want to know why...Because I don't have to cook on it..ha ha!!Now remember when I finally found my Stroller high chair...click here to read about it..Any Hoo !!I put in next to my favorite stove...Some of my old crocks and all the Rollin pins belonged to women in my family...a Daisy Butter Churn That wood box you see is a Quaker grain box.This is the top...I have an old scale sitting on it and that long glass container is from a bakery ca. 1910 and one time it held cupcakes...This is a side view of my olden stove...It has one oven with 2 doors that open on the side...This stove is ca. 1900 it's the only one I have ever seen like it...I bought it right out of a collector home back in 1980 it's porcelain and chrome...Is it not a beauty...OK I know most people here in blog land would not have this stuff in their house...But hey I love it I told you I march to a guitar with a few strings missing ha ha!! I love antiques because I feel I am the keeper of a piece of our history...Do you care for a piece of Pie...No Calories Blue berry...ha ha!! Yes I keep my bread Pan's and baking dishes in it...I am linking this up to Marty's "A stroll Thur Life " table top Tuesday...I know this is not a table but hey it's got a top...Now be sure and go see Marty to really see some great table tops today...
Thank you all for coming by and seeing me...
Until next time from my mountain top to yours,

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May 20, 2010

~Meet Gloria~

Not Me silly you already know me...But this is my Ansonia Clock from Ca. 1854 and it is called a Gloria clock...it is called a Swinger clock as the  the pendulum swings back and forth...this is the pendulumthis is the clock face...This clock sit on an old street lamp post that my late husband cut down and sand blasted and powder painted Wally gave this to me for my 39th Birthday and said that way I will always be a swinger and have one too ha ha!! It's one of my prize possessions in my home...
I am linking this up to Cindy's  My Romantic Home for show -N- Tell Friday...Thanks Cindy...

May all of you have a GREAT weekend...
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May 17, 2010

~ White Ironstone and a GREAT Book~

Hello guys,  I wanted to share one of my favorite books with you today and show you my hutch that sits in my hallway with all my White Ironstone in it.... I get so many wonderful ideas from this book

All of these pieces of Ironstone I got from the thrift store or swap meet...I added paper to the back of the cabinet with double sided tape so I can remove it and change it outOf course it wouldn't say Gloria without a bust in it...Or a cloche's
With the doors closed and my all time favorite tassel that Melissa from "Heart and Home" send me just because she loves me ha ha!!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my little olden hutch with my White Ironstone....
I am linking this up to Marty's at "a Stroll Thur Life" Thanks Marty..I also am linking this up to White Wednesday at  "Faded Charm" I have had this post in my draft file since March when I redid the hutch ha ha!! Hey I'm old and slow lol!!
Thank you all for coming by and seeing me...Your the best...
Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles, Gl♥ria

May 15, 2010

~Take time to smell the flowers~

No matter what you do this weekend...Please take the time just to smell the flowers...Life can be very short...Kyra in a field of Lupine's ...
Until Next time from my mountain top to yours.
Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

May 11, 2010

~Trying to play house again~

This shelf in my Living room was so ready for a make over....I tried to give it more of lighter look....I love plates and decorating with them don't you ???I found this shelf last year at Second Sunday Swap meet and it screamed my name to take it home...And the best part of it was it was only $50.00 I love that it can hang on the wall or sit on the floor....I am linking this up to Marty's at a "Stroll thru life" be sure and go by and see her...I just love that I can change it out for the seasons...Of course no surface would be complete without adding a bust...everyone knows my love of bust's....I also love to add greenery to any wood surface as I think it soften the wood...Added some old books don't you also love to decorate with them...just something about them....And of course old pictures just say "Home" to me... Had to put out my favorite wreath on my front door...Does this not just say Spring and Summer to you?? And a BIG Welcome to my home??
Thank you all for coming by my mountain top...I am slowly but surely trying to get back to blogging like I use to...But I still find myself very weak still and using my inhaler...Had a wonderful day this  past Mother's day with my Daughter Dawna and granddaughter Candace, they took me to a Victorian tea room where I had to wear a hat and even lift my little pinkie ha ha !May all of you have a GREAT week...Until next time from my mountain top to yours, Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria