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August 14, 2012

♥ This and That ♥

 Hello all my Blogging buds...I know it's been months since I lasted posted..I want to say a BIG thank you to the few that took the time to email me or come by to see if I was still alive..I'm still here just kind of lost my bubble with blogging..I think this happens with all of us.

I have done a few things in my home but not anything news worthy been spending my time just trying to get healthy..We finally got the chandy hung in the new bathroom and I'm loving it..I bought this chandy from my best friend Vanna at " delusions of grandeur " about 2 years ago...If you want to see beautiful drool on your keyboard french eye candy go by and see her blog..Tell her I said Hey!!

we recessed the ceiling in the bathroom so the chandy would hang down at the right height...

we added tin ceiling tile to the ceiling just some added bling

I know I have shown you one of my lamp shades I made many moons ago I call this one my "corset shade" does it not look like a ladies corset?

I love it at night time..

Sweet angels you can't tell from the picture but these angels are covered with crushed glass..this is called Victorian sugar glass..It's a water decal cut to fit the shape and then mod podge and then the sugar glass pour over it..each one of these shade's take me about 18 hours to make as they all hand sewn the only glue is used to add the gimp..
Len and I have been going to our local auction house and buying antiques..I got 3 new pictures that I also love but only hung one so far...

I know most peeps would paint this frame as soon as they got it home...But I don't like to ruin a piece of history...I love gold bling and it suits my home

I did add a mirror behind the shelf on my french book shelf..You see that door knob on the top shelf it's cranberry  glass..it's kinda looks like a little vase don't you think?

My old blacksmith bellows that I made into a coffee table..the legs came off of an old dining room table..still one of my favorite pieces that I made 30 years ago

Here's one of the other picture I got at auction..Love the silver and gold frame

Beautiful french lady with flowers

been adding more color to my world...I know so many are into all white look..but it's just not for me I have to have color in my home...I just read after a billion peeps have jumped on the all white look that color and wallpaper are coming back into decorating style again.. What's old is new again!!
Found more red/white transfer ware plates and redid my laundry room wall

But mostly what I have been doing besides trying to be healthy once again is spending time with my great grandson Landen as he takes me for walks and fills my heart with his pure Innocent l♥ve and joy...I don't want to miss one memory with this sweet boy..

Thanks for coming by
Until next time from my mountain to yours

Hugs and smiles