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September 28, 2011

Update on mom

Hello all,
I would just like to let you know my mother was released from the Hospital.She is at home resting and let me tell you she is one of the strongest women I know and I am  so very proud to have her as my mother.I love my mom as she is my best friend  and that was quite the scare, for those of you out there for one reason or another that have loved ones that you have not kept in touch with do so as forgiveness is a blessing in itself.She is very weak and in time will get her energy back shes a fiesty redhead what else can I say anyways,
Take Care,

September 25, 2011

Update on mom

Hi everyone,
I just got back from the hospital and let me tell you my mother is one of the strongest women I have come across.She is off the oxygen and more than likely will be coming home on Wednesday.I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts.I know her very close friends in blogland have her address and she would love to hear from you as far as sending a card or something.My mom is probably one of the most giving people and never asks for anything in return well now as her daughter I think its time she is shown how much people love and care about her,
Anyways take care and she needs lots of rest and plenty of prayers,Love Dawna

September 24, 2011

Update on mom

Hello everyone well first of all let me tell you I got  the name of the Hospital wrong she is in Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento on the PCU unit and in room number 492 sorry bout the confusion.I have just had a lot on my mind as can be expected.Anyways my mom was up walking for a bit today as well as getting some of her appetite back this is great news .I will be here till the 3rd then my other sister Gina will be coming on that day to stay for the following week,She will be well taken care of and I just want u to know how much she appreciates your thoughts and prayers,Until next time take care,Love Dawna

September 23, 2011

Update on mom

Hi all,I just got back from the hospital and mom is doing so much better.She is out of ICU and in her own room yeah!!!!!! My mom is such a strong lady and she is my hero what a few days she has been through and she just hangs in their like such a trooper,I was able to talk to her and she even ate a little bit of pudding and a few bites of dinner.If anyone would like to send flowers she is in room 492 at Sutter General hospital in Sacramento.She will probably be home with hope by Monday she is well aware of everyone that has prayed and sends there well wishes as I let her know.I would give her about a month to respond to any e-mails or post that you might send.Until then keep her in your thoughts and prayers,All my regards Dawna


Hi thank you so much for all your prayers and thoughts for my mom.I am on my way down there to go see her and will let her know everyone that has given their best wishes ..Will update later this evening until then keep praying and continue to keep her in your thoughts, Dawna

September 22, 2011

Update on mom

Update on mom, Hi I would all like you to know that my mom is in stable condition.They were able to take the breathing tube out and she is purely on just oxygen.She was able to sit in the chair for about an hour.I also was able to comb her hair and get her to feeling a little better about herself.With any luck she will be able to get out of ICU tomorrow and as soon as I have a room number for those that are interested in sending flowers I will let you know.I was able to talk to her and carry on a conversation with her shes a pretty tuff cookie we all know how those redheads are lol anyways please continue thoughts and prayers for my mother .

Prayers for my mom

Hi to all my moms  blogger friends.This is Dawna Glorias daughter what started out as a simple procedure last night ended unexpected.My mother had to end up going into emergency surgery and ending up having a triple bypass open heart surgery .I just would like all of you to please pray for my mother as we all know the power of prayer.She is not only my mother but my best friend I love my mother with all my heart so please please have her in your thoughts and prayers,

September 12, 2011

~Hats -n- Shoes~

Hello guys, I thought I would show you my hat gift boxes...These are the cutest little hats..Everyone that see them thinks they are for dolls,
BRIEF HISTORY:In the good old days, when a man wasn't considered dressed without a hat, it made a great gift for Dad, Grandpa, Great Uncle, or any other man in your life. But Mom wouldn't pick out the hat Dad would actually wear, any more than she would trust him to pick out HER chapeau. She would go to the haberdashery (a fancy word for a men's clothing store) and select the brand, type and price level of his gift. She paid for the gift certificate, and went home with a darling little hat in a darling little hatbox, and wrapped it up for Father's Day...or Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza...or his Birthday. Having received his gift, Dad then had the pleasure of visiting the haberdasher to be fitted for his personal selection of headgear, handing over the certificate to complete the purchase. The darling little mini-hat in the darling little mini-hatbox, might end up in the kids' toy box, to be worn by a favorite doll or Teddy bear, or it might just be put away in a drawer. (Needless to say, collectors pray for the latter, since those can turn up in mint condition.)Most often, the certificate would be for a specific brand of hat, not for just any hat in the store. Hat manufacturers competed to offer their merchandise in miniature. minis from Adam, Biltmore, Cavanagh, Champ, Churchill, Dobbs, Evans, Kennedy, Knox, Lee, Mallory, Resistol and Stetson. . The heyday of Gift Certificate Premiums seems to have been from the 1930's to the 1950's.
I just love them and have about 15 now in my collection..

I also love old shoes...

Old mens paper collars and boxes
collar box and beaded jet black purse
Some of my antique photo albums

This album with the stand I got when I visited Chari at " Happy to Design" in June in Colorado
and she took me to her favorite antique malls..Don't you love going out of state and seeing all the great antique shops??

Christmas photo album
Pink glass beaded purse from ca. 1900

I have all of these olden things in my tower antique display case from a general store ca. 1900 this case sits on a antique library table in my hallway that goes into my bedroom..

Love her sexy legs...
And nothing would be complete in my house without a Chandy

Or 2 ha ha!!
Thanks for stopping by today...

I'm still going through tests to find out what's wrong with me..I will find out this Wednesday from my heart Doctor the results of all the tests I had last week...They ( doctors) still think I'm having TIA's which are mini strokes and hope to find the cause of them before I have a big stroke...
Landen's fist birthday is this Saturday and I have been trying to help my Grand daughter get things ready for his Party at the park..It's a Mickey Mouse theme party..We have made each and every decoration for it...He loves to hang out in  front of my mirrored closet doors and see himself dance ha ha!!
My grandson Jayson got married on the 10th and it was a beautiful garden wedding at a 1865 hotel just a fun night for all..

Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles Gloria