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October 31, 2008


I have seen Pink Saturday all over blogland and thought how fun this would be to get in on this...as I have so much Pink in my home...Now Beverly at http://http//howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Has started this, please check out her blog for others that have joined in with today fun PINK stuff. And if you would like to be apart of this please let her know and she will add your name..

Many of you know by reading my profile, go ahead and read it I'll wait.. Ok I was married for 31 years. Wally my late husband who was really my best friend..we were truly soul mates..we ran a business together, raced cars together, flew our plane together,went antiquing together, worked at raising our family together ( he had 3 children and I had 3 children we were the Brady Bunch only without Alice helping in the kitchen) working at our church together, in other words we were always together...there was not one day in 31 years that this man did not make me laugh or make me feel loved...He was truly the love of my life.

Wally died of a heart attack right in front of me in May of 1999, at 2:10 a.m , I tried for 40 minutes to give him CPR while waiting for help...We live in the mountains and at that time we were not even living in our home...we were in the middle of doing an addition on the house...so we had moved into our apartment in the back of our property and we live on 11 acres...so when the EMT's got here they couldn't even find us at first...I could see their lights up at the house and kept trying to tell the 911 operator where we were at, any way to make a long story short they did finally finds us...but try as they did it was too late... God needed Wally more than me!!!

Now to say I was in a state of Total shock and numb is an under statement...I can't even tell you the pain I was in...My Mama and Daddy came to stay with me and all my family came and helped move me back into my home, I could not think or even speak to another soul...the condolence cards would come in and I would leave them unopened..

Now in September of that year my Church was having a Yard sale and on my way home from work I stopped just to see what they had, I was standing there with a group of women from the church talking , and some woman I don't know walked over to me and put this sweet little PINK ANGEL in my hand and folded my hand over the top of it and all she said was you "Need This" I had not a clue who this woman was even to this day nor does any one from my church group know who she was...I just know she folded my hand over this Angel and when she did if was like God released so much pain from me at that very moment and I looked at the little PINK ANGEL and seen it had my name on it...look and you will see it says GLORIA across the front...

I tried to look for this woman and she was no where to be found...I truly do believe we have ANGLE'S that walk among us...I have been blessed twice now in 8 years with an ANGEL in my life.. God does hear your prayers, he will answer you, maybe in the form of a PINK ANGEL and maybe in the form of someone you have never ever meet he will only give you as much pain as you can handle....

God also blessed me with my second ANGEL...when my Mama died last year...and again I have never met her or seen her and probably never will...but I know God send her to me to ease my great pain I was going through with the lost of my mama...And Girls!! she is right here in blogland now, I met her on "Rate my space" She reached out to me and touched my heart, with her kindness , her prayers, and her up lifting spirit, her love of God and her family....Now many of you know her as "Picket" but I like to think of her as my Second ANGEL... God does work wonders.

Hope all of you have a safe and great Saturday...and Please do your self a favor and visit this Great ANGEL at http://picketsplace.blogspot.com/ Out of all my possessions This PINK ANGEL is just priceless to me along with my Picket Girl !!! Hugs and smiles Gloria

October 30, 2008


A woman rubbed a bottle and out popped a genie. The amazed
woman asked if she got three wishes. The genie said: 'I'm a one
So.... What will it be?' The woman did not hesitate. She said, 'I want
in the Middle East . See this map? I want these countries to stop fighting
with each other and want all the Arabs to love the Jews and America and
vice-versa. It will bring about world peace and harmony. The genie looked at
the map and exclaimed, 'Lady, be reasonable. These countries have been at
war for thousands of years I'm out of shape after being in a bottle for
hundred years. I'm good but not THAT good! I don't think it can be
Make another wish and please be reasonable. The woman thought for a minute
and said, 'Well, I've never been able to find the right man. You know -
that's considerate and fun, likes to cook and help with the house cleaning,
is great in bed, and gets along with my family, doesn't watch sports all
time, and is faithful. That is what I wish for...a good man. ' The genie
out a sigh and said.........'Let me see the freaking map again.'

Just wanted to share some Halloween humor with you today... Now all you guys be nice and don't eat all the candy..save some for the kids... " HAPPY HALLOWEEN" you guys... I am going as a MAD house wife..in my Old RED robe, Brush curlers and my Furry slippers on....OH wait a minute !!! thats what I wear every day... Be safe and Ill see you tomorrow... I will be doing Beverly " Pink Satursday "

October 29, 2008


I just Received this award from Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and also from Chari at Happy to Design....Now all of you need to check out these fine ladies Blogs...Susan does the most beautiful tablescapes Tuesdays you have ever laid your eyes on..real eye candy girls..

Now my sweet friend Chari..have been real sick and we all need to keep her in our prayers...She is one of the most kindest ladies you will ever meet and for those on RMS know all her kind comments she leave to every one..I just love her to death !!!

Oh now this award comes with some rules !!! I have to list six things I value and six things I don't and then give it to six other bloggers to pass on....

Things I Value.

1. God

2. My Children

3. My Family

4. My Brother Norman and his wife Tina and their children

5. My Home and the peace it offers to me.

6. My Cyber friends

Things I don't Value



3.People talking on cell phones while driving

4.Fighting among family members

5. Drunk Drivers

6. War

Now I am going to pass this on to and this was hard for me as I am so new to this wonderful world of blogging..

Squawmama, Tootsie Time, Jessica at Cozy Kettle, Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie, Shelia at Note Songs, and a brand new Blogger also that I just love from RMS , Ksarrasarra if you have not been to her blog, do so it is will worse the trip girls...she tells stories that will just touch your heart... Hope all of you have a safe and blessed day...Hugs and Smiles...Gloria p.s Sorry I don't know yet how to hi-lite your name yet..hey I'm old but new to the blog world I am still learning..

October 27, 2008


I thought I would share a interesting collection with you today...How many have ever heard of a Mustache Cup ?? allot of people when they see these think they are Shaving mugs.. See the lip at the top of the cup...well these are Men's Mustache cups...Yes you heard me right very fancy but for men...how ever I have seen a few women that could use these also...Now the Mustache cup was Invented in 1830 by a very clever Englishman by the name of Harvey Adams.
Mustache were originally called Napoleons and saucers, because at that time, men wore Napoleon or small beards and mustaches. Mustache cups did not become popular in America until 1845....As men were using " Old Reliable Hair and Whisker Dye" and curling their mustaches at that time and the Hot liquid would melt their wax..

Now this is really 2 cups that came with a set of dishes...at that time they would thrown in a man cup when you bought the dishes..so you see I have a ladies cup and a mustache cup both matching. This was a rare find and tell me I wasn't doing the Happy dance the day I found these..

These I love as they were given away as Presents..they say, Remember me, Think of me, Brother, Father , Forget me not. etc.. What a neat gift for the time.

I just love the Butterflies handles on these and also the Angel one...The black cup says on the bottom of it to Lewis Christmas 1883...guess I should have taken a picture of that...

These cups came in all shapes and sizes, the little one in front is a R.R. Prussia cup, also have a collection of this china...The R.S Prussia one was also a rare find and the most collectiable one.. Now the one every one is really looking for is a left handed cup.. I have been collecting these since 1982 and has yet to find a left hand one... so the hunt is still on... Oh stop the madness !!

Don't you love the squares ones ? and how men could put there finger in this handle is also a mystery...they must of had small fingers over hundred years ago.

Oh and the silver ones are so pretty., I guess they much have been for the wealthy Men !! and I will tell you I hate cleaning Silver. I just did it for you guys today..Probably won't get done again for awhile I like to tell people they are Pewter ha ha!!

They also came in many colors...these are my blue ones and the big one in front is from England it a Royal Stafford shire and of course I love these as they are Blue and White...and it what they call Flow Blue..

Odd Color for a man, but these are some of my Pink cups, I just love all the kids at play on the first 2 cups in front row.. How sweet is that !! I have over 150 Mustache now in my collection WOW!! another collection gone wild... these were like Lays's Potato chips with me couldn't stop with just one lol!!

Now I know you are probably thinking where are earth would she keep so many cups?? well I have 1 China cabinet with them in and then I hired a contractor to come and add display cabinets between the studs in my dining room...you can see I have them on both sides of my window seat now... I have lights also in them so they look real pretty at night time...Hope you all enjoyed a little mini- history on Mustaches cups...

Have a Great day and please come back and see me again... Hugs and smiles Gloria

October 25, 2008


A Girl got to have her morning cup of Coffee...Thought I would share a few coffee grinders with you all today. This is a coffee sign from You Guess it !! 1869 it is 3 dimensional How cool what that for that year...This is one of my favorite signs in my Kitchen and maybe because its Blue and White...YOU THINK ?
Now this coffee grinder is from a Old General store it was made by Charles Parker Company it the same company that made shot guns ca. 1880 WOW!! Having a cup of coffee from this one would be a Blast..These are small grinder that would grind only enough beans for one pot...these you would find in most homemakers Kitchens there are from 1870-1890.

Now these next two hung on the side of a covered wagons...I guess when the people went West they also had to have their morning jump start lol !! ca. 1840-1860 I just love all the history these have..Just image the journey that must of been with no roads, with indian's after you, and all your belongings in a wagon..but hey !! they didn't have to pay for GAS !!! OH when traveling was fun.

The Hopper on both of these are tin..but the rest is Iron and the wood frames my late DH made so we could hang them on Kitchen wall to display..

These next two also would have been found in a homemaker kitchen... and I have used both of these...however the beans I have in them are so old now I wouldn't want to drink the coffee of course that might wake me up if I did...

You see the little rings at the bottoms??? take your time I'm wait while you find them...now you pull that ring and it releases the glass that you just grounded your beans into..it only there to hold the container while you grind.. these are both from ca. 1870

Now whats all these grinder without COFFEE ??? The Tin Caswell 's Coffee can I keep my coffee filters in and the Glass Coffee container Red and White Coffee is from ca. 1940 and I keep my Coffee in it...Of course sitting right beside it is my Bunn Coffee Machine but didn't show it Hey !! I want you guys to think I really do work for my morning cuppa coffee...

Hope you all have enjoy your Coffee with me today.. Please come back for a second Cup.. Have a great and safe day... Hugs and Smiles Gloria

October 23, 2008


This is real world making news....1906 San Francisco Earthquake and fire... I love all antiques even old new papers, these are just a few I wanted to share with you...So lets all take a step back in time. I love the fact that everything was Illustrated at that time...

WOW !!! how time consuming was that?? They earned their money then...

The Fashion of the day!!! and look at the prices...what am I saying LOOK at the style's

Oh and you too can be a PERFECT woman just by drinking this stuff ??? sounds like a V8 juice to me !!! and check out the furniture..we now pay top dollar for this stuff and most paint it white and call it Shabby Chic...

1912 and who doesn't remember the sinking of the Titanic!!! what a great lost that was...too many people aboard and not enough life rafts...how very afraid and brave these people must have been...the unsinkable Molly Brown was even aboard and that how she got her name..Also one of the riches men in the world John Aster lost his life..he gave up his seat in life raft so his young new pregnant wife could be saved...so many men did this...huh!! wonder what they do now days ?? Speaking of MEN I love this advertisement for weak , worn- out Men..see girls they had a cure then back in 1912...Wished I could find this and see if it would give my Len a jump start, he has no disease but claim he Worn out ha ha!!!

Furniture of the day ... can you believe those prices?? I have that side board in my guest bathroom and I wished I only paid $29.00 for it....its a great piece for keeping guest towels and soap and extra toilet paper in...Also have one of these Bedroom sets in my Guest room...Oh to go back with just a $100.00 and do some shopping now...wouldn't I have a ball and a house full of great Furniture...

Well Guys I hope you all enjoyed this step back in time...Hope all of you have a safe and happy weekend ..I'll see you all on Monday and show you more !!! Hugs and Smiles Gloria

October 21, 2008


Ok everyone who knows me from RMS knows my passion is antiques... I thought I would share just a few things with you that take money.(besides my husband)This is a slot machine a Jennings from 1948 that takes dimes, next to it is a Mills slot machine 1947 its a nickle machine, also this is a Wurtizler Jukebox its called a 1015 but most people call it a bubble machine or Happy Days Machine..it still plays 5 songs for a quarter..next to it of course is the RCA Victor dog Nipper.Now this slot machine is a Watling quater machine from 1935 my husband just love this one..and why not he gets to keep the Jack pots...This is called the bird of paradise machine or Rol-A-Top
This is a player roller piano I bought out of a bar...must of had too many drinks at the time because this puppy is heavy to move...it takes a quater for one song...so pour a beer and lets have a sing-a- long.... ca. 1910

This is a music box from Germany and its one of the oldest music boxes I have it from ca. 1840 and it called a Symphbonia Musik Automat and it takes a dime for one song.This shows the inside and you can see the disc it plays...I have about 30 music disc for this..This is a Phongraph from England ca. 1880 it take an english dime to play one record rumor has it that these use to be in theaters lobbies...so I guess who could have Pop corn and music. I call this my BIG HORN as I also have RCA Victor and Edison ones...but this is the BIG ONE!!!

Now I know everyone knows what this is... come on we had them in all the diners at one time..put in a quater and get five Elvis tunes...ca. 1950 Oh NO!! the dreaded scale...but hold eveything you also get your fortune this one takes a nickel and I love it because it weights me so LITE!! GREAT SCALE...bet I could sell this one to alot of people...you think??? ca. 1950. Now the thing hanging above it is an Emergery call box you know the ones that use to hang on a pole?? Well I keep Toilet Paper in it in my Husband bathroom haha!! no more screaming at me when he runs out !!! the bull dog on top is a mustache curler but that another collection yet to show you all...
Hope all of you enjoyed my money making stuff... hey I got to get my decorating fund from some place..

Hope all of you have a blessed and safe day....Thanks for coming by...hugs and smiles Gloria OH and Susan I added music so Stop singing now girl !!!

October 20, 2008



I feel just like Sally Fields did on Oscar night !!!

I am only hours old...at least in the wonderful world of Blogland...and lookies here I got awards already...

I got a BFF Gold Card from Chari at Happy to Design and a Tootsie you mean the world to me award... WOW how come Toots award is so Big ???

Hey guys remember I am only hours old and still learning to do this darn thing... I Wish to thank Laurie at Bargainhunting, for telling me how to even get the darn things here ( only took me hours to learn that ) I wish to thank Tootsie for telling me how to add to my Blog list... and for just calling me on the phone and working with me...HELLO She lives in Canada ( and no you can't use the Gold card for the phone bill )

I wish to thank Susan at Between naps on the Porch... for telling me how to add music if I wanted it...I guess she did't just want to sing when she came by here lol!!

I really wish to "THANK ALL OF YOU" that took the time to leave comments I got so excited just reading them...

as I have not a clue what I am doing here all help is great!!!

Now use your Imagination here...I am accepting these awards with my designer gown from Bob Mackie on ( hey!! he made Cher look great ) with a beautiful Tiara placed on my long Red hair thats flowing in the wind, blowing kisses to you all !!!

( now the real me is sitting here in my old red robe, with my short red hair that needs a combing, and drinking a cup of coffee .) and for that just picture Maxine in a old red robe ha ha !!!

I think I am suppose to give these awards to people..don't remember all the rules...so please if you don't have them take them to your blog... OK imagine me bowing now !!!

Have a great day...Hugs and Smiles... Gloria

October 18, 2008


What am I doing??? am I on Drugs or what?? up until a year ago I never even heard of a Blog and now I am trying to do one ??
When I first heard the word Blog it sounded like a Horror movie to me !!! you know " THE THING" ?? This is my first post and maybe my last... Good lord maybe I need to do drugs or I am just getting bored in my old age or maybe all my cyber friends have moved on to blogs and I am trying to act like I know what I am doing haha!!! which I don't but hey I am willing to give it the all American try....and besides RMS is so slow I can't leave a comment to anyone half the time....So here goes nothing...Fasten your seat belts this will be a bumpy ride with me doing this... I hope to be able to talk about antiques ( my passion ) my home and just stuff...