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April 20, 2011

~Just Breathe~

Good morning guys, did you ever wake up one day and all seemed well in your world!! On Monday morning my world was colorful and bright just another day in paradise for me..And then at 12:30 pm I gave Len his lunch in front of the TV so he could watch the news and went back into the kitchen to make some fresh coffee!! Well I went back into the LR to ask him if he wanted a cup..at that point my whole world became black-n-white...
Len was slumped over with the fork still in his hand..I felted for a pulse for a heartbeat nothing..I screamed at him..nothing!! You see Len is a diabetic and has been insulin dependant for over 30 years..I have gone through many of bouts with the sugar being too high or too low..as a rule when he gets too low I can bring him around with orange juice..I ended up calling 911 and told them my husband had just died...Things happen pretty fast after that..The first 2 respondents came and then I had a LR full of fireman, EM T's..and then my grandson was standing here just trying to care for me!! As I went into a full blown panic attack..I was having a hard time answering questions. how old Len was, what meds he was taking, about his heart problems, etc. why is it when your world is upside down you just pray so hard that God will turn it right side up for you??All I can remember saying while they were here working on him was "Oh God Please "!! and thoughts running through my head..did I tell him how much I loved him that morning, does he know he is my life? what will I do without my Len  driving me crazy?? Len had slipped into a diabetic coma...After they worked on him for over half an hour I heard the most beautiful words I have ever heard..OK we have a pulse!! Thank you God once again!!

Next thing I know Len is just staring at me..He didn't know who I was or what was going on around him..they had a breathing tube down his throat and couldn't talk..They took him to hospital and there we spend the rest of the day...Needless to say it was a very scary day around my mountain top!!
My daughter Dawna is here with me now as I did fall apart big time..You see I have not shared the story about my late husband Wally and how he died right in front of me while I was giving him CPR that was almost 12 years ago...I started having panic attacks at that time..there are days went I can't even leave my home become of them..You see when Wally died I could not speak or even move for over 3 weeks, I stayed under my stairs and just slept..My Mom and Dad were both alive at that time and were here trying to help me!!
It took me over 2 years to be able to make a decision on my own as I was so use to being a team of 31 years with Wally...Then I met Len who slowly started to bring me back to life again...I didn't have to remind myself to breath each day it just became a natural thing once again to me!!

I'm overwhelmed right now with all that is going on in my life...I'm taking a blog break for awhile so I can once again learn to breathe...Please pray for my Len he is very confused right now become of being in a coma...
I love ya all..And remember to tell the ones you love each day that you love them..As the world you know can turn upside down in a heartbeat!!
Now I'm going to go take care of my real world...
Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

April 14, 2011

~ The Great Sinking~

Hello guys, As many as you know that come by my blog I collect many things..I love history and I think the sinking of the Titanic was a Big part of our history..April 15,1912

I know many of us here in the States still have that sinking feeling on April 15 th as that is our due date for taxes ha ha!!

I love old newspapers the illustrations I think are wonderful..

I just love the old ads in them

Look you could even buy Havana cigars 99 years ago..

Wished I could still get these shoes for only $2.40

"The Unsinkable Molly Brown'
Margaret Tobin Brown was one of the first women in the United States to run for political office, and ran for the Senate eight years before women even had the right to vote. On July 25, 1914, with Alva Vanderbilt (Mrs O.H.P.) Belmont, she organized an international women's rights conference at Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island, which was attended by human rights activists from around the world. A lifelong advocate of human rights, Margaret was also a prominent figure following the Ludlow Massacre in Trinidad, Colorado, in April 1914, a significant landmark in the history of labor rights in the United States.

By the time Margaret Tobin Brown boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France, she had already made a significant impact in the world. She and her daughter Helen, who was a student at the Sorbonne, had been traveling throughout Europe and were staying with the John Jacob Astor party in Cairo, Egypt, when Margaret received word that her first grandchild, Lawrence Palmer Brown, Jr., was ill. She decided to leave for New York immediately, and booked passage on the earliest ship: Titanic. At the last minute Helen decided to stay behind in London. Due to her quick decision, very few people, including family, knew that Margaret was on board the Titanic.

After the ship struck the iceberg, Margaret helped load others into lifeboats and eventually was forced to board lifeboat six. She and the other women in lifeboat six worked together to row, keep spirits up, and dispel the gloom that was broadcast by the emotional and unstable Robert Hichens. However, Margaret's most significant work occurred on Carpathia, where she assisted Titanic survivors, and afterwards in New York. By the time Carpathia reached New York harbor, Margaret had helped establish the Survivor's Committee, been elected as chair, and raised almost $10,000 for destitute survivors. Margaret's language skills in French, German, and Russian were an asset, and she remained on Carpathia until all Titanic survivors had met with friends, family, or medical/emergency assistance. In a letter to her daughter shortly after the Titanic sinking, she wrote:

"After being brine, salted, and pickled in mid ocean I am now high and dry... I have had flowers, letters, telegrams-people until I am befuddled. They are petitioning Congress to give me a medal... If I must call a specialist to examine my head it is due to the title of Heroine of the Titanic."
Her sense of humor prevailed; to her attorney in Denver she wired:

"Thanks for the kind thoughts. Water was fine and swimming good. Neptune was exceedingly kind to me and I am now high and dry."

Sorry I have been MIA but last Friday I tore the ligament in the right side of my neck in other words I suffered a "whiplash" for 5 days I could not move my head without pain...So I have nothing I have feathered, fluffed or finds to show you this week..I hope to be back next week...
Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles Gloria

April 7, 2011

~Nesting Finds~

Hello guys, Well this week's finds are pretty slim again...

But I did get a new pedestal this one came from a library in Utah and at one time held a big directory...Of course I had to put a bust on it ha ha!! this piece was made in England ca. 1900 This I found at a local antique store for $150.00 Don't know where I'm going to put it yet so for now it lives on my fireplace hearth...
You see that French fire screen another find 3 years ago $35.00 Antique store going out of business
Found me a terrarium for $10.00 and Len found a little hummingbird nest last year with the eggs in our plum tree so I added it inside to protect it the quail eggs are also from our property
I shopped my barn and found the olden mirror and sat everything on top of it..A corner fireplace is really hard to decorate and have balance with it...
Also got me another Plateau mirror $13.00..I love adding these to tables and also they bring in so much needed light up on my mountain..Did I ever tell you I live in a cave ha ha!!

Found this sweet little garden cherub at Marshall's wasn't going to buy a thing that day..But when it screams your name and even knows yours Social Security number you have to have it..The lamp behind it I also got from Penney's online shopping Oh Yes!! I shop online all the time..Do you guys do that?? I would love to know..

Got this Victorian mirror from EBay..Also don't know where I'll put it..Won at $15.00 Hey Shelia here's half a "Bathroom Diva" shot for you ha ha!!

Now This crown Chandy I also won on EBay $119.00 it's very heavy even if it is tiny ca. 1900 and from France Yes it even came from France it costed me almost as much for shipping as the piece did ..It's all leaded crystal..I still have crystals to hang on it but haven't had time to do it yet..Hey I'm Landen sitting remember..I had Len just hold it for me to get a pic of it
OK *winks* aka Vanna at Delusions of Grandeur these are the pics I promise you..If you guys have not been by Vanna blog do yourself a huge favor and go check out the BEST French Antiques you ever laid eyes are..I just drool big time at her beautiful home!! In fact when my house grows up it's going to look like hers ha ha!!
But this have to be the BEST find of the week FREE!! While Len was at the dump the other day a guy was throwing this out because it would not sit level..Well Len took his grinder to the bottom and I now have a new concrete pedestal...I can't believe what some peeps will toss out I think I'll put a plant on it and leave it in my sun room..Well guys that's my Nesting finds for this week..Thanks for coming by my mountain top and seeing me..
I'm joining Courtney at " French Country Cottage"
and my sweet Laurie at " Bargain Hunting and Chatting" She steals alot and sleeps with her BOSS but I love her just the same!!
Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles Gloria
PS..It's snowing once again up here..just when you think spring has come it's gone again...

April 6, 2011

~Bloom where your Planted~

I love spring time on my mountain...After all the snow we had this year I really was thrilled to see my Daffodil's coming up...

My old wagon after 25 years is starting to fall apart just like me..but still has alot of beauty to me..
I so remember went this was the population in my one horse town..Now we have 1650 Lenny found this old sign for me and brought it home..how sweet was that!!

My irises

I have alot of old farm things I use in my yard as I have 11 acres to try and fill
An old wine barrel can you say huge lol!!

If you walk through that Heart arbor you will get to my front door...I loved this when I found it because "Home is where the heart is"
My sun room

My driveway with the tractor wheels
This is the road that goes to my apartment in the back....Every tenant has loved living in that apartment because it's so quiet and on a private road..This is also where my Big barn is at..

Len just made this flower bed for me last year..see that old iron headboard leaning there it will go into the flower bed so I will really have a flower bed lol!!
Len is also making me a rock pond with a water fall...
This is where Len buried his old dog Rex in 09 and he keeps solar power lights on it...

I hope you enjoyed seeing my mountain top in spring time..nothing fancy like you all have but I tell you God planted me here and I have always bloomed here..I'm joining my Dearest young friend Glenda at " Tootsie Time" for Flaunt your flowers Friday...Thanks Toots..Love ya girl
Until next time from my mountain to yours,
Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria