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May 24, 2010

Hey Good Looking, What's Cooking ?

Hey Guys, you want to see my all time favorite stove...I love this stove the best of the the 2 in my kitchen and you want to know why...Because I don't have to cook on it..ha ha!!Now remember when I finally found my Stroller high chair...click here to read about it..Any Hoo !!I put in next to my favorite stove...Some of my old crocks and all the Rollin pins belonged to women in my family...a Daisy Butter Churn That wood box you see is a Quaker grain box.This is the top...I have an old scale sitting on it and that long glass container is from a bakery ca. 1910 and one time it held cupcakes...This is a side view of my olden stove...It has one oven with 2 doors that open on the side...This stove is ca. 1900 it's the only one I have ever seen like it...I bought it right out of a collector home back in 1980 it's porcelain and chrome...Is it not a beauty...OK I know most people here in blog land would not have this stuff in their house...But hey I love it I told you I march to a guitar with a few strings missing ha ha!! I love antiques because I feel I am the keeper of a piece of our history...Do you care for a piece of Pie...No Calories Blue berry...ha ha!! Yes I keep my bread Pan's and baking dishes in it...I am linking this up to Marty's "A stroll Thur Life " table top Tuesday...I know this is not a table but hey it's got a top...Now be sure and go see Marty to really see some great table tops today...
Thank you all for coming by and seeing me...
Until next time from my mountain top to yours,

Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria


Dawn said...

Those florl embelishments on the stove are a wonderful surprsie Gloria. The whole little corner sure makes me feel like I've stepped into another time!

Sue said...

Gloria, Oh how I'd really love to visit with you in that kitchen! You have so many lovely things in there that reflect who you are. Your stove makes a great "table top" for you to display everything. I hope you are feeling much,much better now. Don't be a stranger. xo Sue

Kim said...

Wow! AGAIN you are blowing me away with your treasures Gloria. You lucky duck!

Connie said...

It's "Hey, Good Looking, whacha got cooking", sweetpea. Hah. ;-) We're probably the only bloggers who remember that song...

Love the Decor! said...

So fun!!
I love those crocks but the few times I have come across them they are so expensive!!
You have a wonderful home!!

Anonymous said...

HI Dear Gloria!

OH, my, I'm in Hog Heaven looking at your wonderful antiques. I love your pretty stove, well, and everything else you have. I really would love to come and visit you and stroll through your wonderful home and hear all the stories of your antiques. I showed Mr. Precious your gum ball slot machine and he had a fit! He said I want that! :)
Be a sweetie,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Sis...

Ohhh, you know that I just love your pretty stove! And...I totally agree with you...it's the best because you don't have to cook on it! Hehe! It really is a beauty though...ahhh, porcelain and chrome...awesome!!! I love the pretty little designs painted on it...absolutely gorgeous, Sis!!!

I see that you found a home for your high chair/stroller...love where you put it...it's perfect!!! I always love looking at all of your pretties, Sis!!! The first photo of your beautiful blues...such a pretty vignette! I love it!!! Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful home and fabulous antiques with us, Darlin'...it's always a treat!!!

Well Sis...how are you doing? Did you do anything special this weekend...beadboard??? Hehe! I tell ya...I'm one tired little puppy! Between the hot temps (90's) and the darn wind blowin' a hundred miles an hour...I feel a little worst for wear! Hehe! But we had great fun! Now I'm trying to get some laundry done! I'll talk with you later, sweet friend!

Love ya,

The Charm of Home said...

You have such nice pieces. Love the crocks and the old high chair. And what a beautiful stove.

Karen said...

Do I EVER love it!
Whoops - sorry - I just drooled all over the screen!
I'm also loving everything I see on the shelves to the left!
I think I Just need to make a trip up so I can spend a week going through your home and absorbing all your wonderful treasures.
HAGD! Karen {{hugs}}

Gloria said...

Hi, Gloria! Another Gloria here! :) I just want to say THANK YOU for loving antiques. So many young people today want the "contemporary" look, and I am always so pleased when I see people who appreciate antiques and don't 'get rid of them.' I LOVE seeing even something like your long glass cupcake holder from 1910. Wow, this was actually being used 100 years ago. Very special. And that stove! It's beautiful - and can you imagine: someone actually USED that at one time. So congrats for your love and respect for the past!
Best regards,

Happy@Home said...

You captured my attention with your first photo. I love all of your blue plates and that rolling pin ~ be still my heart!! Love, love, love it. I spent many minutes on each photo just checking out all of your lovely things. The stove is the icing on the cake. Your kitchen is so warm and cozy. Love it.
Thanks for sharing.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Gloria --

You should charge admission at your house! It's an American treasure for sure!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love your antique stove Gloria! I love antiques and I especially love yours! The blue and white dishes, all the neat crocks, girl you have it all! Hey, and my Mom has that same wallpaper border! Dan put it up for her last summer and I love it!
Hugs, Cindy

Lona said...

Gloria your old cook stove is just lovely. I love your kitchen decor and antiques. Of course I am a blue decor person too so I like your kitchen.


How wonderful your ktichen is. The long glass cupcaker is very unique and I love it:)
Deb :)

Gypsy Heart said...

A beautiful stove and yes, a true piece of history. You have so many wonderful items!

I so hope that you are feeling much better ~ you remain in my thoughts and prayers.


Rue said...

Oh Gloria! THAT is one fabulous stove!! I think you should see if it can work again. I know I would ;)

love you,

Lynn said...

That stove is a beauty, and I would love to see that long jar with pasta in it filled with cupcakes-just too fun!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love it!! And not only is it great because you don't have to cook on it...it also holds all your baking pieces...now that is double duty!! I love crocks, it's nice that some of yours were in your family. Love the flowers painted on the stove, too.

Hope you are feeling better, my dear!


Debbiedoos said...

Gloria you and I would love to be hanging out together...because I adore old fun treasures and you sure have a bundle of them to enjoy! That stove is awesome...and everything else you have to join around it:)

Kathleen said...

That stove is amazing! What a collection you have!
Can you tell me where you got that white lacey charger? I found them on the net, then lost the bookmark!

Barb said...

Gloria, I love your stove and all your goodies. Goodness, if I were in your home, I would stand around with my mouth open looking at everything. All your things are so amazing.

Sending you a big ole hug!!

Barb ♥

Sonny G said...

Gloria, you have an amazing collection of items. I havent seen anything like this since I toured historic homes in asheville.
love that blueberry pie plate..
thanks so much for visiting me..
hugs and happy thoughts

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Such a unique stove Gloria...
Love how you feature it with all the lovlies!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Unknown said...

Gloria, My eyes are the size of a two years eyes looking at a Christmas tree. That stove is just beautiful. In fact that whole corner is great, it reminds me of my great grandmothers kitchen. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful antiques and for stopping by.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I like your guitar with the strings missing....my kind of thinking too! I love old kitchen antiques...as you would see above my cupboards!! You always have the best stuff!!

Diann said...

Hi Gloria!

That stove is amazing! I love it! And all the beautiful blue and white dishes are gorgeous. Everything looks so welcoming!

Natasha in Oz said...

You have some amazing things hiding away in that gorgeous old stove!

I loved looking at your collection of kitchen goodies.

Best wishes,

Madeline's Album said...

Again, Gloria, you have showed me somehthing beautiful.. I love the stove and all the other antiques. You have a way with decorating your home with these very unique pieces. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Joan said...

Gloria, I could just look at your pics and pick interesting things out all day. I, too, love antiques. Great post!

Under Her Wings said...

What a fantastic post! I could also look at your pictures all day. If I had that much time, I would. Putting you on my favorites list. Maybe just because I love your name--it's my name, too! In His joy, Gloria

Under Her Wings said...

What a wonderful post! I, too, could look at your pics all--if I had the time. I'm joining as a follower so that I can come back and back. By the way, I love your name!
It's my name, too. In His joy. Gloria

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh wow, you know I love looking at all your gorgeous antiques. That stove is just the most gorgeous thing in the whole world. I havn't ever seen anything like it. Your vignette with the plates and the rolling pin is gorgeous and the stove vignette with the high chair and all your goodies is just to drool over. Love, love, love it. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is such fabulous eye candy. Hugs, Marty

Susan Freeman said...

Hi Gloria! Your stove is fabulous!!!

Susan and Bentley

Atticmag said...

You've got great things in your kitchen and especially the stove. I have a long running thread on vintage tile stoves which might be of interest -- do stop by if you have time. Jane F.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That stove is so beautiful! They used to make such pretty utilitarian things! Love all the plates and rolling pin in the first photo - just fab!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Gloria...that is the most precious stove I have ever seen! Ever! Were I you I would open my home (reservations only of course!) and charge folks to see it! Amazing! How on earth did you collect so MUCH! It is simply amazing. I always have to enlarge the pictures and just look...and look...and look...and then sigh deeply! Such neat stuff!!

I take it you are getting stronger all the time!! HOORAH!! :)
I am having the worst time getting around ...nothing gets done around here...wish I could have a housekeeper...naw...not really! :)
Love and hugs to you my sweet friend!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Dearie,
I e-mailed you this morning. I forget about that e-mail account, I am going to e-mail you my other one too.
Hugs, Cindy

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Gloria, I don't think I've ever seen close up pictures of this olden stove. It is so unique. What a wonderful find. Is the part below the oven (with a little drawer) another oven? Love the floral decoration on it. I still can't believe you got that high chair/stroller in such great condition. It's beautiful! You are THE finder of great finds! laurie

Melissa Miller said...

Gloria this the neatest stove I have ever seen before! WOW! What an awesome treasure for you to cherish. It all looks so pretty the way your arranged it too.

I hope you are feeling better sweet friend! Take care. ~Melissa :)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Ahhhh...lovin' that "COOL" old stove...it's soooo awesome!


Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my Gloria, your antiques and just every thing I put my eyes on, a feast for the eyes, for sure! I am so happy you dropped in to see me, come again!

I'll be back!


Lady Katherine said...

Oh Gloria! My heart skips a beat every time I see your wonderful antiques! I so Happy to see you up and posting! I know your are feeling better! Adore the stove, the pie, the glass containers holding the pasta!! I just love it! All the blue dishes, the rolling pin. How I wish I could come and tour your home! What a dream! I think your home is the best! I know you have had so much fun finding all your wonderful Treasures! I would love to have just one thing in of all your wonderful Treasures! lol How I love them ALL! Take care of yourself!

Tootsie said...

I would absolutely put this in my house...and so would a lot of us!!
your antiques are so beautiful...and the love you have along with the knowledge about each and every piece...well that just makes each post more wonderful...and each piece more valuable!
I wish I had 1/2 your knowledge...and maybe a few of the pieces you have...but that's what u-hauls are for right mom????
hugs and smiles
love you!

Americana Lady said...

Gloria, I ditto all the previous comments to this post. I just want to make a comment...sometimes it appears to me that you apologize for the amount and type of historical treasures that you have in your home and picture in your posts. I guess I feel this when I read things like: "...OK I know most people here in blog land would not have this stuff in their house..."
I just wanted to say, you needn't apologize to any of us for the loves in YOUR home. We also love it as you can tell by the lovely comments.
This comment is not meant to offend you so I hope it hasn't. I just feel this is a common thread in some of your posts and I wonder why? Just know we love your blog and collections!
In fact, I think you are so lucky to have all this memorabilia and I thank you for sharing it. Thank you for keeping history alive!
Keep your flag-a-wavin'♥ Joan