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February 15, 2010

~Just a Question ~

Good day girls, I have a question, as I travel around the wonderful world of bloggerville I have met people that were once on HGTV's Rate My Space and then started a Blog from there...Some of which I know other's I don't...Really I have been visting this one blogger for over a year and didn't realized that I knew her from RMS.. Now my question is if you were on RMS what was your user name ??? Also as I'm very nosey I would love to hear how you choose your Blog name...

I was Happy To Be on rate my space and I think everyone that comes here to visit me knows I choose my name because of being a cancer survivor and now I'm just "Happy To Be" (alive) .

I also think this would be a fun way to find out why you choose the name of your Blog...As I know theirs a story behind all our names...

So PLEASE humor this old lady and tell her How you came up with your blog name....

Until next time from my mountain top to yours,

Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria


Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Well, Gloria, I wasn't on RMS, but I do have a story that shares my blog title. You see, when I was in high school, one of my friends told me that I was sophisticated enough to "bonafide" yet country and down-to-earth enough to be "southern" I always liked that description, so when choosing my blog name, it only seemed fitting. As far as your title goes, I'm so glad that you are "Happy To Be" and that you and I have become friends. I always love reading your posts! Have a great week!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Sis...

Just stoppin' in to say hi and see how you're doing, Sweetie! Are you feeling any better? Hey, I got up this morning and haven't even had to take a breathing treatment...maybe I'm on the downhill side of this crud! Hehe! Girl, I haven't been out of the house for nearly 3 wks. now...shheeshh! I'm gettin' stale!

Okay...okay...enough about me! I'm so glad that you did this post, Girl! I know that there are alot of us that got out start on RMS and then moved into Blogland. Some I know...and I'm sure there are more out there that I don't know of! Sooo..this will be great! We can have a big ol' family reunion!!! Shoot, I hate boring you with my details but just in case someone else doesn't know...

I was Happytodesign on RMS...hehe...big surprise! I'm still Happy To Design...just with a couple of added spaces! I chose the name because...I love to design things...it makes me happy! There you have it! Not very imaginative, huh? Hehe! But I still remember the day that we met on RMS...ohhh Happy Day!!! That's been 2 yrs. ago now...hasn't it? Been awhile I know! Love ya, Sis!!!

Now...just have to tell you that I just love your little Tony Saprano!!! Hehe! Girl, that's just too cute! Okay...is that a cheeto hangin' out of Kyra's sweet little lips? Thanks for sharing that darling photo with us...it's a hoot!!!

I also listened to your Valentine's video! Ohhh Sis...I just about peed my pants laughing!!! That gal was sooo cute! You know, I love Patsy Cline!!! Thank you so much for sharing that darling video with us...I loved it! Made my day!!!

Well Sis...let me know how you're doing...I've been wondering! Sure hope that my note finds you feeling better! Love ya, honey!!!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh dear! I was never on RMS but I think I visited it a few times. I never knew anyone from there though.
I think this is a nice idea..
I think you already know how I got the name of Wsprsweetly. I spell it phonically to make it a bit shorter.
Thank you for the sweet comment on my post today. Love you for that, Sis! :)

Melissa Miller said...

Oh how cute is this post Gloria!

I can't believe I never met you on RMS as my name was "Melissa Miller" on there too. I removed all of my spaces about a year ago though. No need for it at all since I just blog instead. I chose my blog name describing what my blog is pretty much about. It seems to fit well. I'm so glad you are a survivor and doing well. You go girl!

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Salmagundi said...

Gloria! I never posted on RMS - I was just a lurker, and followed many of you to the land of blog. I chose my name, Salmagundi, because basically it means an assortment of things, which is what my blog is about. Also, I like the alliteration of Sally and Salmagundi, plus my last name is right in there, also. Sally

Connie said...

Well, I was on RMS and got savaged, honey, so gave it up. Whoooooa, they were vicious.

My blog name came from a book I have on Living Beautifully. The author is a favorite "lifestyle" author of mine and I just love her books and view on living. I wrote her and she wrote me back - an actual letter. How neat is that?!


Justine said...

Well, I've been using Justwaaaa for years now. Why? Because I'm a big baby whiner, so I waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa all the time! That's who I was on RMS too.

You know, my blog used to be the Froggy Bloggy, 'cause I love frog. Now it's Stupid is as Sister Does since I always make fun of Jill, saying she's stupid. Which of course, she's not!

Justine :o )

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I wasn't on RMS...I chose Thinkin of Home because that is what I love to do...think about what I can do in my home....it gave me something to think about on those really bad chemo days!!
Hope you are doing well!!

PAT said...

I was on RMS. I actually started blogging before going to RMS, if I remember correctly. I know I didn't start my blog from RMS. I was TKM Mom. Wasn't on there long.

Back Porch Musings came specifically from our back porch. It's always been a favorite place, in our home, for family, friends and online friends, such as the decorating boards I belonged to. When Kim at Daisy Cottage and Donna at The Decorated House (both friends from decor board days, many years ago), encouraged me to start a blog, the back porch was the first thing that popped into my head when I was choosing a name.

Kat said...

Well Gloria, I was on RMS - handle was Mbkatc230. Then I moved to Micasa because RMS was getting too difficult. Then they closed down Micasa! I decided to do a blog because I got talked into it by Debbie at Confessions of A Plate Addict, chose the name Emptynester because when I started the blog that's what I was. It's amazing how many people made the jump from RMS to blogland, isn't it? And I'm so happy that you decided to so we could meet! Hugs, Kathy

Gucci Mama said...

My blog title is "Mama Still Wears Gucci" and it's pretty much an attitude, a sassy little way of pulling myself out of the spit up and sweat pants rut that was new motherhood. I fell into the trap of "letting myself go" like so many new moms do, and now that I have a *little* experience under my belt, I realize how important taking good care of myself is. Hence, Mama Still Wears Gucci.

By the way, what is RMS? I feel like I should know...;)

Sue said...

I'm not from RMS. I think how I got my blog name is pretty easy to figure out. I wanted to write about all those things you might call your mom and ask her. How do I cook this? What should I take as a gift? When do I write a thank you note?

It will be fun to see your comments on this.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hey, Gloria!

Okay... I came up with the Quintessential Magpie from something my husband calls me on occasion. See, I love to shop. Shocker, right??? ;-)

Well, he would go with me shopping every now and then and also watch me on eBay, and he said, "You know, She, you're like a magpie, and all of these things are like shiny objects... you just can't resist, can you?" LOL!

So, I started blogging (reading other blogs, first, and not having my own), and I chose that name based on my nickname. There were other magpie names out there, so I just added Quintessential to mine because Mr. Magpie says I'm the ultimate shiny object lover. And it's true, you know... well, maybe, with YOU being the noted exception! ;-)



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Like mother, like daughter... :-)

Shelia said...

Hi Ms. Gloria! That's a great idea! I love your blog name and the 'why'!! :) Hallelujah!
Well, you know I was Picklepoo on RMS and that name was just as silly as I am. It was something I would say to my children when they were little like "you little picklepoo". No rhyme or reason, just a silly little name.
Now my blog's name is called Note Songs because all my life I've loved music - singing, playing the piano and it just seemed appropriate for me to be "Note Songs"!
Love ya and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Heather said...

Well, I wasn't on RMS, but I can tell you how I came up with my blog name. I have a wooden sign on the wall above my computer desk that says "Family Forever". Ella liked it a lot after we hung it and even though she couldn't read she knew her letters and she would tell me the letters every day. When I was thinking of a name it just seemed perfect. I hope our family lasts forever and family means more to me than anything else in this world, and Ella loved reading the letters in the sign. So there you have it!

onlymehere said...

I was on RMS and was "onlymehere" bz 99% of the time it's only me here at home! We used to have email that made my address onlymehere@home and it was fun but then our server changed it's name. My husband goes to bed at 6:00 at night and my kids are all off and doing their own things so I'm pretty much alone. I know Picket, Rue, Tootsie and Jessica were on RMS too, so was Bridget.

Carrie said...

My neighborhood is at the top of a hill. The area was covered in oak trees; some were removed to accomodate the houses, but most left in place. So from time to time individual homeowners have had the oaks cut down to make room for landscape designs -- and to reduce the mountains of oak leaves for the fall cleanups.

Carrie said...

For my second post in Sept.2007 I told of how my neighborhood is reached by going up a hill. The area was covered with oak trees before construction; many were left after clearing building space. Here is the link:


Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I was never on RMS, but had been reading blogs for quiet a while before I started one of my own. I started a blog for several reasons and one was because of my hobbies, repurposing vintage/old jewelry and 1/12th scale dolls houses, and just a little bit of this and that such as crafting, etc.. I came up different ways of wording it and all were already taken, so just kept rewording til I found a name that worked.
Have a great week.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Cute post. How fun to know how many were on RMS. I was ther for a while as Marty39. I thought it went from fun to a lot of people being really nasty, so I couldn't stand all the terrible comments on my rooms and on others. A Stroll Thru Life came from my mother. She always said in good and bad time just remember to Stroll Thru Life. Hugs, Marty

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Gloria,
What a neat idea! I was Applestone Cottage on RMS, same as here. You can guess why we picked it. I live in a stone cottage with apple trees. There was a place for a sign on our property and hubby wanted to try his hand at one. Hence, we needed a name. I remember Chari from RMS and some others, like Christine. It got so nasty over there and I just followed everyone on over. Glad I did and glad I got to meet you! Your sense of humor drew me here, just like a magnet. I so remember some of your stories where I nearly doubled over and fell off my computer chair in laughter. Your the best, Cindy

Jewel Sauls said...

I wasn't on RMS, but I am carolinajewel on several sites on the internet and it's my email name also. I like the way it sounds and my name is Jewel and I am a graduate of UNC (which everybody calls Carolina) and I am a North Carolina native, so carolinajewel just fits! I am "happy to be" visiting your blog and having you as a blog friend Gloria!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

I wasn't on RMS but used to love to visit it for inspiration. To tell the story of my blog name

Thrifty - because I don't like to spend money on anything, even groceries

Annabella - was actually a nickname a cousin gave me in high school

in la - because I'm a Louisiana girl.

So from there you get ThriftyAnnabellainla

Very interesting to read how a lot of others came up with their titles.

Happy Presidents Day

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Gloria,
I did post a photo of my livingroom on RMS and received four stars. But it's been so long ago.
I use the name Sissie's Shabby Cottage because my family nickname is "Sissie."

9405018--Pat said...

Hi GLORIA, I was on RMS 9405018..But now i'm just a lurker no Blog....I always love to read your blog......I miss RMS....thanks for sharing....Pat H

Vivian said...

I was never on Rate My Space. I've gone to it once or twice and decided I didn't like it.

I live on a ridge going out of town that leads to the valley that paves the way to Mt. Magazine which is the highest point in Arkansas. The name of the ridge is Pine Ridge. There is another blog called Sewing on Pine Ridge which was my first thought.

So I went with "At Home on Pine Ridge". Then I started a sewing blog that I named "Sew at Home on Pine Ridge". The only problem will be if I ever move.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

You'll be so surprised to hear that I was on RMS as Bargainhunr! My chosen name is fairly obvious, since I am a hunter of bargains! I had to leave RMS before my "books" I was leaving as comments got me kicked off of the site! Love ya, sweet Happy To Be! laurie

Lois Christensen said...

My blog title came to me without much thought, I named it Walking on Sunshine after the song from the 80's. It was mine and my hubby's song when we were dating. And I still love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gloria!! I was megardengal on RMS- because I love to garden though you wouldn't know by looking at my yard the past few years!!! Mary's Meanderings for my blog was because I do alot of it- meandering. I do wish I had thought of something much more catchy- I have almost thought of changing my name but it sounds like too much trouble!!

How have you been doing these days? Seems like winter has been hard on alot of us- can't wait for the Spring to spring!


Unknown said...

gloria, I was on RMS as mammawags, remember the whole Carter Oesterhouse thing?? LOL Mammawags is what my kids friends called me, our last name being Wagner. I moved to blogland, following, Dot(Picket) And over here i am our really empty nest because that is what we are! Sue

Fieldstone said...

Gloria, what a great question. I discovered RMS when it was in its "golden age," a couple of months before the meanies attacked with a vengeance. I was Fieldstone. There was a huge boulder in our front yard, and that was part of why I chose the name. My maiden name actually ended in "stone," and my husband's last name in German means "field." Voila. I've tried to do a blog, but life has been so busy that I lurk and don't blog myself. My RMS site is as I left it nearly two years ago. You were my anchor when I went through a hard time that still brings tears to my eyes. Love and hugs, Pam

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

This was a fun post, Gloria. I've enjoyed reading all the responses.

On RMS I was "susiehomemaker." When I decided to quit my job in 2007 and gave my 2 week notice, many of my co-workers asked me if I was leaving to take another job. My response was, "No, I'm going to stay home and be Susie Homemaker for a while before I go back to work." Not long after that I discovered RMS and decided to use "susiehomemaker" as my screen name.

What was initially going to be a brief break (6 or 8 months) from the working world has turned into almost 3 years. I LOVE being home and have no plans to go back to work. Ever. (If I don't have to.) I was born to be "Susie Homemaker," not a career woman. Too bad it took me 37 years to figure that out.

I do miss the inspiration on RMS but that site is slower than molasses in the wintertime now and I don't have the patience to wait
for the pages to load. The few times I have tried to browse, it is apparent the drama and nastiness still runs rampant! Blogland is much more pleasant. :)

Jennifer@Pieces of Me said...

HI Gloria! Yes I was on RMS moons ago, which is where I met you, my username was "Inspire Me"
Not sure if my pics are on still, havent been on since the tv show came on.
My blog name came to me when I was thinking about what I wanted to use my blog for. So, I couldnt only pick 1 use. I ended up calling it "Pieces of Me" since its about several areas in my life. I cant possibly have several blogs like other, where do they find the time???

Love your blog, feels like home!

Janean said...

it where the OLD, OLD (137+ year old) cottage is!

big hugs and hoping your Valentines weekend was enjoyable and that you got plenty of hugs and kisses from friends and loved ones (furry, feathered or otherwise!)

trash talk said...

First things first...thanks for dropping by and admiring my cutie! She's a fighter just like you!
Second, I wasn't on RMS, but in July/Aug of '08, I was encouraged to start blogging. I wanted the name White Trash (since we find and sell a lot of white things), but it was already taken. Something told me to try Talking White Trash...and the rest is history. The funny thing is when I did my first post, the header title said "Talking Trash"...go figure! I decided I didn't name my blog...God did. He knew that in the long list of things I love, talking is right up there close to the top and I've been "talking" ever since.
Now I'm off to read some of you past posts!

trash talk said...

Had to come back and tell you...I'm now officially your 300th follower! Woo Hoo!!!

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Hi sweetie, well I was a Hotel Manager for many years and had always had a love for tablescapes, interior designing, collecting ect. I then had a bout with lung cancer that I am recovering from and retired....I began reading Between naps on the Porch and my daughter said you should do that ...I had no idea what to name it or what it would be about and Mr. S. said well make it about stuff you love around the house, and there you go...my daughter set it up for me and I have loved it ever since...I am happy to be at home. Mr. S. still works, even though he has MS he is not ready to give up his job. He loves to see all the comments and he enjoys seeing all the pictures, he is a great husband and although he is my second husband he is also the love of my life and we have been married 30 years...Hope I haven't bored you to death gloria...Phyllis

The Muse said...

and type of pasta would you prefer? LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gloria. First, Kyra is so cute! I love that picture. And what a great question. I love reading all the answers.

I worked all my life as a software programmer. Between the job and raising kids I never took time to decorate, just clean when I could. I quit about 3 years ago. Best thing I ever did! I was getting bored so last spring and summer I poured myself into creating gardens. I used RMS for inspiration, and that's where I learned about decorating blogs. Boy was I embarrassed at how plain my house and yard was.

I lurked for awhile, and when I was attempting to start some decorating, neither hubby nor my kids showed much interest in what I was doing. So I started blogging hoping to get some encouragement and let the other ladies know how much I valued their inspiration and talents. It also pushes me to keep trying and not give up.

I've been really floundering at trying to decorate. I liked everything I saw on the blogs. I just recently realized that I want the cottage look for my house.

Love, love, love your blog! Rosie

Carole Burant said...

I've never even visited RMS! lol As for how I chose PEA's Corner as my blog name...I played for years on pogo.com as sweetpea and most people either called me sweet or pea. I preferred PEA and my blog is to write about my own little corner of the world so...PEA's Corner:-) xoxo

Madeline's Album said...

I was not on RMS. I choice my blog title Madeline's Album because my blogs beginning had photos of my self and family taken years ago. I still put photos of my many grandchildren. Have a blessed day.. Madeline

Gypsy Heart said...

Hi sweet lady,
I hope that you're feeling much better! This is an interesting topic and I am anxious to read all the replies.

I was never on RMS but have become addicted to reading blogs and thought I'd start one too. As you well know, you helped me immensely! I'm still fumbling around with all the technical stuff but I'll get there! :-) I am a Sagittarian and many of the personality descriptions fit me. I am restless, do not like to be confined or "checked on", love to travel and have a lot of varied interests. Some very close friends have called me "gypsy" at times. I think my heart is as big as Texas so added that too. I'm not one for pink, pastels, ruffles or lace ~ more tailored, funky, electic and love color! Red is my favorite along with black, silver, gold and turquoise.

I'm so grateful to have met you and so many other incredible women here. I feel as though I have many treasured friends and that's a huge blessing!

Love to you,

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Hi Gloria, my name on RMS was luv2accessorize. I started a blog because things had gotten quite ugly on RMS. All of my spaces were deliberately rated down over and over in just an hour or so to a low rating after they had always been a 3.9 and up. Mostly 4.0 on every space. I was crushed that someone would do that. It was done to many others I know, too. I stayed for a while and then last week I deleted every space I had on there. I love blogging now in fact my husband says I am addicted. So much more fun and everyone has been so nice and welcoming. I picked my name really just out of the air. Since I live in the south and I like southern style, I came up with savvy southern style,...Kim

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I was never brave enough to post any photos on RMS! Well I wanted my blog to be about the pleasures of homemaking so hence the name. Although had I really thought about it, I would have used a different word than pleasures LOL. I get some strange visitors that use that as part of their search!


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Gloria, what a delightful post, and all the comments make for some great reading!! How interesting to find out how others came up with the name for their blogs! One does so often wonder that, but no one has taken the time to ask, until now with you! Good going!! :-) As for my blog, the name came to me in a dream. I can not explain why I dreamed that, but it was as if a voice told me the name and it was such a strong feeling, I just knew that was the name for me! As simple as that. hugs, Debby

The Victorian Parlor said...


Oh my gosh I LOVE your blog! It's gorgeous! I can't wait to spend more time perusing all of the beautiful posts:). I always love meeting fellow Victorians-it's nice to know there are others out there like me:). As for my blog name-I wanted something that was welcoming and involved Victoriana. I realized that 'The Victorian Parlor' sounded like a nice place to have a pot of tea and conversation. I think it is important to live life comfortably and in a way that honors God so I try to bring the beauty of days gone by into today's world.



Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Gloria! This was a neat question to ask! I'm going to go back through the comments and see what everyone's response was and who they were. I was southerndecor on RMS!

Hope all is well with you! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Gloria,

I loved hearing how you got your name and what a great name it is. So glad you are a survivor!
Draffin is my maiden name and thought it sounded better than Green Bears.
I hope that you are having a great week


Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Hi Gloria, I never did RMS. I started reading my friend Debbie's blog (Confessions of a Plate Addict). Then I started getting decorating ideas from all the blogs. I showed some of my blog-inspired decor to Debbie and she threatened to come to my house, get on my computer and open a blog if I didn't. I laughingly told my daughter, who promptly started up an account, said "how about Nina's Nest" and I said, "er, ok", and the rest is history. Actually my grandmother name started as Nana, then the twins switched to Nina, then the next child said Nina, then the twins switched back to Nana, the 2 year old says MimiNanny, and the 1 year old hasn't made up his mind yet. Meanwhile, the twins are back to Nina...I'm having an identity crisis. Well, as they say, "I don't care what they call me, just call me!" So that's how Nina's Nest came about. Linda p.s. I'm glad to know why you're happy to be - that's wonderful!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning darling, How are you feeling darling? Haven't heard from you and I'm a bit worried!
What a fun question. I've sure enjoyed reading how your followers came up with their names..
Let's see on RMS I went by Decorator101. I love to decorate and thought the name suited me at the time. Those early days were so much fun. Coming by each morning for coffee with you was always a treat. Then things got ugly on there and it got ugly quickly. I discovered my love of visiting blogs and decided to take the plunge. I know many had a push to do so, I decided to stretch out on my own and had to come up with a name. Since many new I had a shop and with full intentions of promoting it more on the blog, I choice the name Lynnesgiftsfromtheheart. yep, you know me everything I do comes from the heart so I thought a perfect fit. lol. I love yours HappytoBe... darling for so many reasons...
I had a time getting over here to leave a comment, but finally got to write you a small book...lol... heading off for another hot cup of coffee and then to hit the desk with tax clients... hope all is well your way today..
love ya hugs ~lynne~

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Gloria!
Wow, I love reading all of the comments of this post. All of the RMS feelings are there. The good and the bad. Well I was "kiakai" on RMS. Lisa (frenchkilt) talked me into blogging. I've only had 1 person complain about one of my posts...and I deleted it. It gave me the RMS cringe)))) It's nice to have control over that.
My blog name comes from the Shakespeare play "Much Ado About Nothing" Sort of a play on words. My blog is about doing Much with Nothing. Taking all of that thrift store junk and turning it into something nice.
xo Kelly

onlymehere said...

So Gloria do you know what happened to the Italian Blonde on RMS? I really loved getting her comments and chatting with her. Just curious if you knew.

Tootsie said...

well we all know how I got my name! I was Tootsie on RMS and I will be tootsie forever. I had a kitten given to me many years ago. I named her Tootsie...and kept her all of her 14 years of life. She was my sweetie until my first Baby was born. I actually had two cats...one named Niffer too...but sadly the two of them have been gone now for about 7-8 years. They were SPOILED rotten, and I miss them terribly.
When I was making my screen name on RMS...I could not think of a name, and happened to look at a photo on the wall that had my late baby in it...and that's when Toots was created!

Barb said...

Hi Gloria, I don't know a thing about RMS...yikes!!!

I chose my blog name because it is the name of our home.

Sending you big ole hugs, Barb ♥

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tootsie said...

Love you MOM!!! I have had those issues with comments too...some say they cannot get on to the comment...not sure what google is up to!

Unknown said...

Hey Gloria! Congrats on being a cancer survivor! Love that your blog name came from that! What a great testimony!!! I didn't post on RMS, but I did check out some of my real life friend's spaces on there. I came up with my blog name "Designs By A Rose" because I love to design things for my home, but I also love to design clothes for my daughter...which I intended to post, but for some reason rarely do. The A is for Annette and Rose is my last name. I sign A.Rose a lot, so Designs By A Rose seemed fitting. This was an awesome blog post. I loved reading other bloggers reasons for their names. By the way, I go in for my second surgery on my leg in the morning. Please send up prayers!!!


xinex said...

I can finally reply to this now that I can leave a comment. As you know, I was on RMS since I met you there, as XINEX. That is actaully my name as "X" is a shortcut for "Christ", so add ine makes it Christine. The last X is my maiden name which was "Cruz" meaning cross, thus another X. I chose Christine's Home and Travel Adventures for my blog name since that's what I have been posting about, my home, family and travels. I am still on RMS, just do not go there anymore. I am glad I met you there, Gloria, cause you are one of the most fascinating ladies that I have ever met....Christine

Helen said...

Hi there! I was Live Bold on RMS and left because of Rue and Gollum and their blogs ... they inspired me.