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February 23, 2009


Hello dear Bloging World!!! I have a brand smacking new GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER !!! she was born yesterday weights 5 lbs 10 ozs and 19 inches long...this is my oldest Grand Child Bobby and his wife's first baby...so that makes 3 now...with 3 more to go by Sept...Oh I need to just give them my check book come Christmas...These Babies are coming at me right and left...Next one due in May !!! Then 2 in Sept !!!

Now I got this wonderful award from so many of you great gals here and I want you to know this does mean the WORLD to me...this came from Ann, Carol, Laura, Susan, Vanna and Mary....Now I am suppose to pass this on to 10 other bloggers...but being a Sisterhood award and I feel we are all Sisters in the Wonderful World of Blogland...Please take it if you don't have it...also I have a real hard time with these awards...I can not just put names on a list to pass them on as I truly do Love everyone here, you have all become like a family to be !!! so Please understand that some times I will just put them on my side bar....

Now I am going to bore you all to death here !!! I have been asked for an Interview by Salmagundi ( Sally ) at http://sallyssalmagundi.blogspot.com/ So girls this is your chance to leave now and I won't even know it !!! Ha ha

1. You have obviously been successful in business - do you attribute that to ambition, hard work, being in the right place at the right time, or something else?

Answer...All of the above...I knew at a very early age that you had to have ambition and work hard...I was a single Mother with 3 very small Children and I was working 3 jobs to support my children as I didn't get child support for them ...I met Wally when I was 25 that take care of the right place at the right time one...We had a scientific manufacturing company where we made micro manipulators and Mechanical Stages for Yeast and DNA , Stainless Hip joints for Hip replacements, Knee caps, and even finger joints...And we had the patent on the Micro manipulators and Mechanical stages....

2, I dub you the queen of collectors, is there one thing you are still searching for ?

Answer...YES Always on the Hunt for one more Great piece !!! Antiques are like a sickness that once you start you never want to quit...

3. were you an outdoor type or indoor type as a child ?

Answer... I loved being in the house with my Mama cooking and decorating and as a small child I could see a dress in a store and go home and draw a pattern on a paper bag and then made clothes for my dolls...just like the dress I seen..I loved to sew..So I was and still am an indoor person...

4. its obvious you adore your family and Husband is there someone else you feel especially connected with ?

Answer...I have not had a real connection with anyone one since My Husband Wally died in 1999..he really was my Life's love, my best friend and I will never have that again...I now have a connection with all my blogging friends.

5. Is there any thing on your "bucket List" you still want to do or conquer, or accomplish ?

Answer...Sally I think at my age I have done it all...I have flew air planes got my pilot license bungee jumped, sky dived, raced cars, and even worked at the San Francisco Playboy Club as a Bunny!!! I have had a GREAT life..My bucket has ran over...

So there are my answers to your questions...

Now for those that didn't leave or fall asleep... Thanks for coming by...Now I will not be posting for a few days...I have had Pneumonia now for 2 weeks and the Dr, gave me an inhaler but I was really been having a hard time trying to breath !!! so I will be getting back to all your kind and great comments only for a few days !!! may all of you have a great and Blessed week my dear friends... And to my dear friend Glenda who always stops by...thanks for being You!!

Hugs and Smiles Glria


Cass @ That Old House said...

Congratulations on your newest family member! IS there anything more exciting than the birth of a baby? No, there is not!!!

Plus I loved your interview. Wow, what a life! Loved this post -- a new baby, and an fascinating great grandma!


Anonymous said...

Well, let me be the first to congratulate you,Grandma Great. Your family is growing by leaps and bounds this year. Do they all live near you?
Kyra looks so beautiful and happy in her own bed. I have 2 grand daughters that was born 5 months apart and boy I had to walk a fine line sometimes, but they're both in college now so we made it through the years just fine. But, I do know about throwing the checkbook in at Christmas. We have 10 grands now. LOL
Now girl, I had no idea you were so sick, this is serious. You get lots of rest, do what the doctor says and get better soon. We'll miss you, but we all want you healthy.
And you talk about a full life,I feel so uneventful after reading about your life. Playboy bunny, holy kamoly, that alone would have made me feel like I was on top of the world. I LOVED reading your answers. I didn't want you to stop.
You take care of yourself so we can visit often.

Love Ya,

SmilingSally said...

Congratulations on the great grandbaby, the award from the "crowd," and the fact that you lived through the interview. A Playboy bunny? Bungee jumped? I'm an indoor gal too.

Jessica said...

Morning sweet Gloria~

Congratulations, I just know you are the sweetest great grandma ever. :) Your family is lucky to have such a kind hearted, fiesty, HOT little bunny ( winks ) jack of all trades like you!

I hope you feel better soon!

Love, J. :)

Kris said...

Congrats on the arrival of your newest family addition.
Also another congrats on the well deserved award.

I hope you are feeling better and will be feeling a bit HOPPY real soon.
(playboy bunny) you go girl.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your brand new great grandbaby, Gloria.

I loved reading your interview!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your new great grandchild!

Kat said...

Congratulations Gloria. Can't wait to see pictures of the newest addition. And it makes me so happy to see the pictures of Kyra in her own little bed. She is such a doll! Loved the interview, ok I have raced cars and that's about it. And it's WAY too late to think about being a bunny, unless it's an Easter bunny lol. Now you take care of yourself and rest. We want you back full of vim and vigor so you can make us all giggle some more! Keeping you and your family in my prayers and sending big fat cyber hugs your way, Kathy

My name is Riet said...

Congratulations on your new great grandchild.

Kristie R said...

congrats on the new great grandbaby and the others to come...congrats on the award too...wonderful interview

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Gloria, I'm so happy for you and your new great grand! Congratulations on this baby. :-)

And I'm so sorry you're still sick! I will definitely remember you in my prayers, sweet lady!

I loved your MeMe, and I got really teary thinking about you working three jobs with babies to support. But how wonderful that your Prince did come and that you built that fabulous business together! And what great things that business did/does! That made me cry, too... in a good way, of course. And then you really touched my heart by offering to go back and get that sweet bowl for me. You are an angel, Gloria. I cannot thank you enough for offering to do that for me. I think, though, that I had better say no because Mr. Magpie and I have decided to try to save more and buy less. This was after I just bought some Easter things, so I have blown my shiny object budget! LOL! And I bought a little bird from some little girls (daughters of a blogger) who are making them for Etsy. LOL! Had to help those budding entrepneurs.
But I'm trying to honor his wishes. I appreciate the offer (and you) more than you know. Your kindness and big heart are the shiniest things of all to me! Big hugs, Gloria! :-)

Now, back to you... what a fasinating and full life you're lived. I knew you were pretty from your picture, but wow, you must have had a drop dead figure to be a Bunny! Because they only took the prettiest girls with the best figures! My own "cute little figure" as it was referred to in the day has gone South. LOL! ;-) Age and gravity and a love of "shiny" sweets. What can I say? LOL!

Sending much love to you. I'm sorry that the love of your life has gone on ahead, but I'm happy to be one of your bloggy friends! You are a very special lady!

Sending much love your way...


Sheila aka Mag :-)

squawmama said...

Gloria… I always loved you girlfriend but now I have to say you are my hero... What a women you are to have lived such a full life... And may I say you’re a very beautiful woman... you must have started when you were 10... LOL
Congratulations on your new Great Granddaughter (I can hardly believe your old enough for greats) and all the upcoming babies... Kyra is looking so happy & healthy now... I am so happy for your family with her well being...
I sure hope & pray for your speedy recovery… I am sorry you’re not well but don’t worry you have a huge support group out here and you just get better and come back when you’re feeling well enough… If I was there I’d come take care of you… Love Ya


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Congratulations on the new Great-Grandbaby!!! That is so exciting and you have 2 more on the way. Double exciting. Congrats also on the award. I so enjoyed the interview. What a great life and you were courageous enough to try a lot of different things. I think that's the best character trait there is. Hugs, Marty

Bo said...

Hi Gloria...I knew you were as cute as a bunny, but I never dreamed it was a Playboy Bunny!
What a wonderful life you have had & how great that you had your Wally to share so much of it with. I do hope you can kick this pneumonia thing...the sooner the better. Congratulations on another precious baby girl arriving into your family...with more to come! Hugs, ♥ Bo

Salmagundi said...

Oh!! Gloria!!! What great answers to my questions. I just knew there was an adventurous, but gentle soul in you. The one answer that surprised me was that you are the indoor type - just a well rounded person, I'm thinking!! Thanks for answering the questions - that was one of the highlights of my blogging experience. I so hope you get to feeling better - I'm praying for your recovery. We need that gentle, adventurous soul here in blogland!!!! Take care, Sally

Salmagundi said...

Me again. I was going to mention that I have 2 artificial hips, and I so hope they came from your manufacturing firm. What a special connection that would be for me!!!! I have had my new hips for 15 years and they work great. Sally

Shelia said...

Oh, Gloria! Congratulations on your new grt gran! How precious! Can't wait to see pictures.
Bored? No way! You've lived a very full and interesting like and i love hearing about it! You were a Playboy Bunny? See? You're just amazing! You're so pretty and I could just see you sash shaying that little bunny tail! :)
Sorry to hear you've been so sick! Please get better - we love you!
Now, your tiny name is entered into my giveaway!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Tomarie said...

I was hoping you were going to tell about being a Playboy Bunny! Lol (I still think that is the coolest thing! :-))
Congrats on your new GGbaby!
PLEASE take care of yourself and get plenty of rest! We all love you! L~

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the awards.you soooooooo deserve them and more.Yep,you're an awesome person,ok!
I totally understand about the love of your life.
Congrats on a new,healthy baby.
Now-get well!Put on that red housecoat and get on that couch and push that remote button,ok?...Ann

onlymehere said...

I always learn such fun new tibdits when people do these kind of posts! I'm wondering....did you get to keep the Playboy bunny outfit and use it at other times like Halloween?! What a very, very diverse and interesting life you've led! Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon. Cindy

Lori said...

Congrats on your new addition!!!
Great interview..
congrats on the award...

I'm glad I could make you laugh today... I swear I hate driving to work...

xinex said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby and the well deserved award, Gloria! Sorry, you've been sick, please take care and get lots of rest!...Christine

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Congratulations of the new Grand Baby!

Penumonia is nothing to fool around with. Please just rest, rest, rest and follow doc's orders. Don't worry about a thing, till you feel alllll better and yourself, again.

Aunt Amelia
"Be happy. It's one way of being wise." ~Colette

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Dearheart...

Just got your email and I sent one off to you...but wanted to leave you a message here too!

A big, hearty Congratulations Great-Grandma!!! I just love it!!!

Also wanted to congratulate you on your "Sisterhood" Award...so well deserved, Sweetie!!! We have a very special "Sisterhood" going here...I thank the Lord every day for you and all of my dear sweet friends!!!

Well Sweetie, you know that I'm praying for you...please, take care of yourself and get to feeling better!!! I sure am worried about you!!! You rest up and get to blogland when you can...we'll all still be here, waiting for you!!!

Love ya,

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Gloria, :)

Congrats on all the new babies in the family!
So many healthy blessings are coming your way!

I understand about having a hard time passing out awards to specific bloggers.
I just can't do it...
I hope no one thinks I'm just showing them off on my sidebar.
I agree I want to share mine with everyone as well.

Thanks for the wonderful comment last night.
I don't believe I realized how far away you were from everything.
I'm sure it's so peaceful and quiet.

Please get some rest and get well.
I'm picturing you in your comfy Red robe.

Take Care,
Let us know how you are doing very soon.
~Melissa :)

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Congratulations on your new Baby....you may have to get a second job just to buy Christmas and birthday presents.....loved your interview...you have lived a great wonderful life.....
I work for a wonderful airline and spend most of my working time at the airport.....we knew Andrew Stanton was coming in on a flight...... met him at the gate...when I saw him I congratulated him, introduced myself and asked if I could see his Oscar......it really was as simple as that.......of course he was very approachable and that SMILE was contagious.....a very nice man.....so bottom line..."I just asked".....
I also posted this on my blog.....
Mo ;-)

Gone said...

Congrats Great Grandma!!! How precious!!!

Your interview was terrific!!

Pneumonia for 2 weeks? You're going on our Prayer List - let me know how you're doing, OK? We'll be praying!!!


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Gloria, I pray that you feel better really soon. I am kind of slow on the blogging. Because, I am not feeling well either.
Congrats on the new baby. How exciting!! I loved learning more about you. It going to take awhile for me to catch up reading all of these blogs. I'll be back really soon. Hugs, Terrie

Tomarie said...

Thank you G for the sweet things you said about Ryan! I'm so happy we became friends!! :-) L~

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

A playboy bunny and a pilot! Way to go girl. Your truly a modern woman. Congrats on the grand-child and I hope your feeling better soon. You look too young, to be a great-grandma! Cindy

Jill said...

Congrats on the new baby. Boy oh boy ... I won't be wanting to be in your shoes come next Christmas...

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Congratulations!! I am SO happy for you! I also am a Great Grandma ..four times now. It is hard to believe. It's so exciting.
I also am a fan of Emilie Barnes and her books are in a book stand in my kitchen. Each of them is so beautiful. As you know, my daughter ownes the home that is featured in her books. It is an amazing home and I have posted just a few pictures of it in my blog. I must get some of the pictures of the very different and unusual parts of the home. It is charming...and I love her approach to homemaking. It is truely an art form. Emilie is such a gracious lady and wrote the sweetest letter to my daughter when she bought the home. She has also dropped in on Mary for visits..which touches Mary deeply.

Again..congratulations. I am off to read your interview. I seriously doubt it will be boring! :)

Unknown said...

What are you doing out of bed! Pneumonia is nothing to mess around with. You need to get better, you have a new grand child to play with!

Loved the interview! What a full of life gal you are.

Get better soon!

Four Paws and Co said...

Congratulations Great Grandma! I loved all your answers, you're an amazing woman!

Gloria, you need to take care of yourself! Let me know if you need anything! ♥ Diane

Picket said...

Congrats on that precious little treasure...what a blessed year for you girl...

now you better take care of yourself sis..you know I will be praying for you...

now just one other thing...loved all your answers by the way...that was a great interview but...A PLAYBOY BUNNY!!!!!!! Oh my word that image will be forever burned in my mind....my sweet little adorable Gloria...so innocent..so nurturing...little grandmother, collector of antigues..IN A BUNNY THONG!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh it was all a lie!!!!! Next you will be telling me that you use to pole dance!!!!! lol lol

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

congrads, and I loved the interview, you have done it all...

Carrie said...

Congratulations on your new great grand daughter!
Best wishes for a quick recovery, God bless,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Mornin' Girlfriend...

So glad to see you this morning! How are you feeling, Sweetie? Any better? You just take it easy...let your body heal!!! Orders from Headquarters!!! Hehe!

You asked if that was a plate hanging from the gate...yeppers, it is! It's an old gold transferware plate...I've never seen the gold before so when I seen that pretty little plate at the antique shop...I had to have it! I used a black ribbon to hang in on the gate!

Well Sweetie...you take care and get better!!! Still praying for you!!!

Love ya,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

PS...Ooops, wanted to say that I had myself a "belly-laugh" reading Picket's comment!

Love ya,

Melissa Miller said...

Hey girl! :)
Are you feeling any better today?

I saw your comment at Lori's so I was hoping you were better.

Did you see how our "followers" vanished from our profile page?
I noticed it last night and it did it on yours too.

Do you know how to fix it? I know I use mine all the time and it's really buggin' me.
Let me know if you know anything about it.

Put on that robe...:)

Helen said...

Wonderful news about the precious baby and wonderful interview too!

Simply Debbie said...


kymber said...

Now wait a minute Gloria!
You can't just let that little bunny comment slip by without more details! Inquiring minds want to know!!
Girlfriend you are a multifaceted gem!

Wow! Another grandbaby and more on the way! Congratulations to you!! How great that must be!
Grandma has lots of interesting stories to tell her grandkids one day - you may want to leave out the bunny one though - that might be TMI for them LOL!

I really hope you start feeling better! Try to get lots of rest and mind the doctor!
Love you girl!

Silver said...

Congrats! An addition to the family! Wonderful.

i like your quote about the dance in life..you used on the sidebar. There is great wisdom in that thought.


from One Day at a Time

Cyndi said...

Congratulations on your new great grand baby Gloria! Kyra is adorable,can't wait to see this one.I hope you get feeling better fast.Thanks for taking the time to come to swing by my blog and say hi,especially since you were sick.You sound like an amazing woman Gloria,I'm happy to have met you.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Gloria! Congrats on the award...you certainly deserve it! And another great-grandbaby! You are going to be overrun with them soon! lol And, girl, every time I think I know all there is to know about you, you surprise me!! lol I din't know you were a Playboy bunny! How cool!! Have a great rest of the week!...hugs...Debbie
PS...How are you feeling? Better, I hope!

Glenda said...

Recently I always seem to be behind schedule, but I make it sooner or later. Please do take it a bit easier on yourself. I have had the misfortune to have pneumonia several times in the past few years and it can knock you pretty low.

Try to keep your fluid intake high, if you can. I dehydrated one time to the point that it made my blood pressure run low and landed me in the hospital as a result. I was taking in a lot of fluid, but my temp was drying me out anyway.

Maybe I'll be caught up by the time you feel like posting again. You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Sweetie said...

How very wonderful - a new baby - God's greatest gift. Your interview was wonderful. I had no idea how much you had done during your life. I think that my mouth dropped open when I saw that you were a Playboy Bunny - that really impressed me. I'd love to hear more.

Justine said...

You have a pilot's license? See, I didn't know this! I think it's awesome that you worked as a bunny to support your kids. YOu are a STRONG damn woman!
I can't believe another great grandbaby has arrived. Holy crap, you've got some fertile family! Congratulations!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Justine said...

ACK! I just emailed you, so I wasn't really thinking about the end of your post. I cannot believe you still have pneumonia. Girl, you have GOT to get better. Are you following doctor's orders? You're not smoking a whole bunch, are ya?

Justine :o )

Lady Katherine said...

How lovely, another sweet baby! Congrat. I did miss this, your life sounds wonderful. I do not have the license to fly, but have taken off and flown a 172. It was great, been flying and landed on the river and floated. I never raced, well in our teens hubby use to race my Mach 1 Mustang, where everyone meet on the back roads. I was a passenger in my car. Those were the days. lol Now the jumping wow, I could never ever do that! I am glad you told us you were a bunny, I knew you were special! Isn't great we found our soul mates! Mine since I was 8 years old. I am so behind. I am glad I got to read your interviw.

Connie said...

Gloria, I am with the others ... Congratulations on your new great grandchild. Yes, You sure have lived a great and exciting life. Bungee jumping ? Good for you.
I have been reading that you are not feeling well. Keep warm and fluids are a great help. Please feel better.. Connie

Anonymous said...

Well I certainly don't know where I have been Gloria!! Somehow I have missed several of your blog entries- Are you sneaking them in on me!!

It seems like this is happening to several blogs that I follow and I wonder if there is a glitch in them updating the list- I have my follower list so that the newest entries are at the top so I know who has posted- it is probably working and I just am an airhead!