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July 27, 2010

~Tea Cups and Candace~

Don't you love Tea rooms...I know I sure do...Just to spend a fun day with my lady friends or daughters at them is really a BIG treat for me...We have a Beautiful Tea room in Sutter Creek, Ca. At one time this building was a saloon durning the Gold rush days...

I"m having my Grand daughter Candace's baby shower here on Aug 7th. we have about 25 of her special friends and ladies from our family attending this affair...

I was going to have her shower here at my house...But how much fun it will be for the ladies to be treated to English tea and scones...and how much better it will be for me not to cook and clean up afterwards ha ha!! Mama always said the best way to have a party is make reservations....

Their food is just YUMMY!! and the gals that own it make you feel so special and pampered.

I have been busy trying to make up tea pot tassels for all the ladies....I just love these Mary Engelbreit tea pots....

Now in between trying to get all the tassels made...I have been busy with the Mama to be...I have to take her twice a week to the hospital to have a NST done with is a None stress test...which is suppose to take only an hour. But each Tuesday and Friday she has contractions so they give her a shot and end up keeping her for about 4 hours before we can go home...I also take her to the Doctor each week, do her food shopping, laundry and house work so that's the reason I'm not around blog land as much as I would like to be...She also has gestational diabetes which should go away once Landen is born...Her due date is Sept 27th...but we all know she won't hold out that long...

She's very bored just being at home on bed rest...But told her once Landen is born she'll never utter those words again ha ha!! Can I hear an AMEN from all the mothers out here ha ha!!

Boy I would l♥ve to have a day to be bored!!

Thanks for all of your prayers for my little family...you have no clue how much they have meant to us...You guys are the best...A BIG ole cyber hug to each of you...

Until next time from my mountain to yours,

Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a wonderful place for a shower. Your tassels are adorable too!

I will keep Candance and little one in my prayers....

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh what a fabulous tea house. It looks so pretty and all the wonderful yummies. I know you will all have such a wonderful time. Candace is looking good just have her hang in there for as long as she can. You are such a blessing and I know she appreciates and loves you so much. I will continue my prayers for all of you. Hugs, Marty

Karen said...

Love the tea room. My goodness there are tons of "goodies" on those shelves.
Hope your daughter gets through these next few weeks okay. She's on the home stretch, thank goodness!
Ladybug Creek

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Gloria,
That is such a neat place for a baby shower! I'm having one the following weekend for Katie but I am having it at my house. You are a smart cookie for doing it at the Tea Room. Candace's due date is only 7 days before Katie's! Woohoo, we get to have grandbabies the same age!
And your tassels are just gorgeous!
I can't believe how good you are at making them. I love my apple one and I always think of you my dear.
Big Hugs,

Lynn said...

"Amen"! The tea room is so pretty, and your party favors are really cute! I know everyone will have a great time-enjoy!

PAT said...

Hi Gloria
Thanks so much for the update on Candace. Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

The tassels are cute!!

Madeline's Album said...

The tea room is just beautiful. The goodies look delicious. Your tassel teapots are adorable. Tell Candace my prayers are with her and all of you. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place to hold a shower! I am so addicted to Mary Englebreit anything.... I love the tea pots & they make beautifull tassels!
As for the Mamma to be???? She will look back at this "boredom" with fond memories!! LOL!!
Happy Day!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Gloria...this will be such a wonderful memory for your granddaughter as she grows older. My grandmother was so precious to me while I was carrying my two children. She was less than a month shy of 92 when she passed in 11/08. Every single one of her 11 grandchildren were there and many of her greats and great-greats, too. She was only 42 when I was born and that was sooo young.

Blessings to you and the Momma to be. I love love love the tassels!


Picket said...

Morning sis...just had to come by and check in! I know your precious granddaughter just adores you for all your love and care..how blessed she is to have you in her life...tell her to rest while she can cause once that little bundle of joy gets here she'll be grabbing naps anywhere she can get them(like when she is burping the baby as she suddenly realizes she has gone from patting him on the back to patting him on the head as he is slowly slipping out of her lap while she is slowly slipping into lala land!!! lol)
The shower will be fantastic at that beautiful place and what a perfect hostess you will be passing at those gorgeous tassels!!
You take care sis and have a great day...love you so girl! ~Picket~

shannon i olson said...

what an amazing tea room! Lovely tassels too. Prayers for Candace...I can imagine days get quite long! It is so wonderful of you to be there for her.

Melissa Miller said...

I adore those precious little tassels! You are talented. Everything looks really beautiful.

I hope Cnadace is doing well.
How nice of you to help her out so much. The new baby is going to be spoiled by Grandma. Sweet!

Have a happy day!
~Melissa :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Gloria, that's the perfect spot for a shower, and I like how your mom thinks! :-)

Those treats look yummy, and the shower will be so much fun.

You are an angel to take care of Candace the way you are, and I know she appreciates it SO much. I pray that she does hold out and that all will be perfect with the baby.


Sheila :-)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Gloria,
Sound like a lovely baby shower for the little mama. I held my sister's bridal shower at a tea house it was so fun and we all wore hats..
I saw your name on the list of attendees for the Northern California Bloggers Festival at the Green Pea. I can't wait to meet you in person. What fun this is going to be...
Take care and big hugs, Elizabeth

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place for a shower!
Hugs and best wishes to Candace~she's so lucky to have a grandmother like you.
And you'll get an amen from me~right now bed rest sounds really good :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

A tea is wonderful for a baby shower, Gloria! I did a tea for my daughter's baby shower and I wish I had thought of teapot tassels like the ones you've done. What a great idea and a great favor!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You got an Amen from me! :)
You have been busy!! Like the idea of having the shower at the tea house. I had a house full last weekend and I picked up BBQ and fixins - not about to cook in the heat.
Take care of yourself.

Gypsy Heart said...

Love the tea room ~ will be such fun for everyone. The tassels are adorable! I saw the little lady bug on one. My daughter would grab that and run with it! :-) You are quite talented my friend.

Prayers continue for Candace, the baby and you. She will be more than busy once this little guy arrives. We can remind her of the boring days, right? LOL

Take care of you in all this ~

Carrie said...

Looks like the perfect setting for the baby shower! The Mary Engelbreit teacup tassels are wonderful designs.

Salmagundi said...

The tassels are wonderful - the ladies will be thrilled!! Amen - mothers never have a chance to be bored. Don't forget to take care of yourself during this busy time. Sally

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi lovey.. Happy Birthday darling. I hope this is one of the best days ever for you!
What a fabulous tea room. I would love to be one of the lucky guests being pampered and eating those delicious goodies. I know you'll make Candace day special for her. What a wonderful thing you're doing, helping her out. I hope you aren't wearing yourself out too much.. again darling, Happy Happy Birthday.... lots of love and hugs to you.. ~lynne~

Michelle@ A Full Cottage said...

Hi Gloria!!

I love those tassels, they look as yummy as those fabulous desserts. Makes me hungry reading your post!

I am so glad that your grandaughter is still hanging on. She is so lucky to have you around to help. You are in our prayers.

:) Michelle

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Gloria, a big Amen from me! People tried to tell me that when my 4 pound daughter had to stay in the hospital for a month, but I was at the hospital all of the time, looking at her, and holding her when I could. When I got her home from the hospital, I realized (too late) that they were right. I should have been resting while she was in the hospt. What a beautiful tea room for the baby shower. That will be so much fun for everyone, and your tassels are sooooo cute! I think I need to fly up there to attend the shower, so I can get one of those pretty tassels! Still praying for Candace and her unborn baby. Also praying for you. I know you are such a help to her, but don't wear yourself out and get sick! laurie

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

AMEN sista' ya speak the truth! What a wonderful place for your sweet Candace's baby shower. The pastries look like they are to die for. What a special time for your Granddaughter. I will certainly add her and her little bundle of love on my prayer list.

The gals are simply gonna adore their little tea pot tassels. How cute are they?

God bless ya and have yourself a fantastic weekend!!!

Can ya believe, I'm still havin' active shingle breakouts since Memorial Day? What can I say...they love me! :o)

Gloria said...

Hi, Gl♥ria. I will continue to pray for Candace and the baby! And what a wonderful person you are to treat everyone to this lovely place for the shower! Those goodies look delectable. I am sure everyone will love them!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Sweet Sis...

Girlfriend, I just adore this pretty tea room...I think it'll be perfect for Candace's baby shower! Ohhh...it's decorated so beautifully, isn't it? Hey, I couldn't help but notice in that first photo...those gorgeous Victorian lace scarves that they had up on that top shelf! They look almost like ours!!! Ohhh Sis, I just love, love, LOVE those fabulous teapot tassels!!! Girl, all those ladies are just going to adore getting one of those! What a sweetheart you are to do that for each of them!!! The little Mary Engelbreit teapots are just adorable...so colorful and full of whimsy! I bet you're having fun making tassels up with those little pretties! Well...that is when you're not busy running, cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking! Ahhh Sis..wished I were there to help you out!!! Take care of yourself, Sis...don't know what I'd do without you!!! I'm wondering how Lenny's Drs. appt. went? Still praying, Sweetie!!!

Love ya, Sis!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh Gloria...I wish this were over for her. Only two months to go..just TWO! I wish it were over for you as well. I know it has be stressful, watching her go through this ordeal AND you, yourself have not really been well for very long.

I really do hope this isn't taxing your strength. Who..is giving the shower.
Family? Showers are tons of work. It took my daughter two days to rest up after the one she gave. Please do tell me you have family help.

So, our little bundle's name is Landen? I LIKE it. Really a cute name. At least it's not Rocco like my poor little Grandson. Can you imagine a tiny boy with the name of Rocco Rosenberg???? Well, can you?? LOL

I was sooo pleased to hear from you the other day! I couldn't believe it!! :) What fun it was to talk to you...
I kept telling my husband "I can't believe she actually CALLED me!" I was all puffed up for a week! :)

My love and hugs to you, Sweetheart. Be careful. Don't overdo.
p.s. There isn't a tassel on earth as cute as mine! Yes, yes, those are cute that you are making..but..I am serious when I say they don't compare! Thank you again for it...it's very special to me.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good grief..how did I miss that! You are having the shower at the tea room. The shower..YES! PERFECT!! It'll cost a bundle but worth every cent under the circumstances!! I love it!

Sue said...

I don't know how you are doing all of this...love I guess! I think you will need a little vacation after the baby arrives! The tassels are just darling, your guests will be thrilled and what a wonderful tea room. Fun!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Bless her heart! I know this is keeping you hopping -- what a wonderful gathering you will have at the tea house. Take care of yourself too and get some rest I know you've had some issues recently too.

xinex said...

Oh how I wish we have a tea room here just like that. It would really be a treat to be in one. You are such a good grandma, Gloria. With the care you are giving Candace, how can she not be ok? Your tea tassels are so cute! Take care!...Christine

xinex said...

Oh how I wish we have a tea room here just like that. It would really be a treat to be in one. You are such a good grandma, Gloria. With the care you are giving Candace, how can she not be ok? Your tea tassels are so cute! Take care!...Christine

Edie Marie's Attic said...

AMEN!! I will be praying for all of you for a safe delivery Gloria!! The tearoom is an excellent idea and so adorable, I love going to tearooms and being pampered with delicious delicacies, Don't we all??

Thank you for your words of comfort in the loss of my mom. She is at peace now with her loved ones, and for that I am so happy.

Hugs, Sherry

Judi said...

Hi Gloria
I can only imagine how bored the mother to be is having to be careful and have her tests. Fortunately her time is coming around soon.

I love where you will have the shower. A lovely idea to have a tea like that...those goodies are good enough to eat right from here.

Your tassels are darling tooo. Where do you get those lovely teapots for it?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Karen said...

LOL. Nope - she'll never be bored again. And the first tie she holds that brand new baby in her arms, she'll know it was totally worth it.
What a great place for a baby shower. Perfect! Even more so that you don't have to worry about the fuss and mess. YAY!
Keep us posted!
HUGS! and prayers! Karen

9405018--Pat said...

Hi Gloria, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The tea house is beautiful. love your sweet teapot tassel.....take care of yourself....Pat H

Unknown said...

A WONDERFUL tea room! Keeping Candice & baby in prayer...what a blessing you are to them! I love your gorgoeus tassels :)


Pam said...

Love the tearoom and it looks like a wonderful place for a baby shower. You certainly are watching over Candace well and here's hoping the time goes by quickly for her. I have been waiting for my first grandchild for many years and it's finally on its way!

I'm a new follower and will enjoy reading your future posts! You have great style!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday TO YOU! happy BIRTHDAY to YOU! & may God bless you ... can't put the line with age in it, we don't want to tell do we ... chuckle. Hugs of love for your special day, sweet friend.

It will be a relief when Landen arrives safe & sound for all of you.
Durn, 9-27 is my bday ... so sorry your dau is going thru so much but in the end the tears of joy will override all.

Have a lovely summer's day & don't forget our giveaway ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Gloria,
What a busy, busy girl you are. You are so sweet to take care of your girl. What would she do without you!

The tearoom is perfect for the baby shower. Love those lucious desserts!

Take care and blessing to you and your family. Before long you will be kissing little pink baby toes too.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Gloria,

That looks like a lovely place to have the shower and the food looks yummy.
Love the little tassels you are making and what a lot of work.
How lovely for Candace that you are caring for her ~ I will keep her in my prayers.


Kathysue said...

Gloria, I have actually had tea many times in that tea room. I thought that they closed. So glad to see it opened again, that is one of the reasons I would go up to Sutter Creek!! How fun to have a baby shower there. Candace is so lucky to have you in her life, she looks great I am sending good thoughts her way for her and baby Laiden

Tootsie said...

that tea room is gorgeous mom! Tell Candace to hang in there...I think of her often and am sending her get done slowly thoughts! lol
I hope she hangs in there for a few more weeks...I had my first 4 weeks early...and he's just fine...a big bug! lol
love you...take care of yourself mom!